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Friends, today we are going to talk about an app that was launched on October 6, 2010, and which has been appreciated by the big personalities of the world as well as more than 1 billion people in the world, it is There is an app that completely changed the face of it. Photography and photo clipping.

Initially, it entered Apple’s App Store and this company had only one goal and that was to make mobile photos fast, simple and beautiful. Today the company we are talking about is none other than every youth’s favorite “App Instagram” and it is the success story of Kevin Systrom.

Founder of Instagram (Kevin Systrom)

Kevin Systrom, the founder and “CEO” of the world-famous Instagram, was born on December 30, 1983. His mother was a marketing executive for Zipcar Company and his father was vice president of human resources departments for TJX Companies. While studying at Middlesex School, he was introduced to computer programming, which further piqued his interest in computer programming by playing the Doom 2 game and creating his own levels. Prepared a program to play the game like heck.

His love for technology came from his mother, who had been working in the tech world since the beginning, but Kevin’s first job was far from tech, Kevin first chose computer science in college, but ended up pursuing management science and engineering studies. program because computer science classes were more knowledge-oriented and not practical and management science focused on practical subjects like finance and economics. He was one of 12 students selected to participate in Stanford University’s prestigious Mayfield Fellows Program. It was here that he experienced the world of puzzle bar startups.

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After completing his degree in 2006, Kevin joined Google and started his career as an Associate Project Manager for three years and worked on products like Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, Spreadsheets, etc. After 2 years, Kevin joined the Corporate Development team.

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He always wanted to enter the social space, but due to one reason or the other, he could not do so. In January 2009, Kevin finally took the risk and joined a startup called as a Project Manager.

When Kevin was at, he realized that entrepreneurship was his only goal and that all he needed to do was pay off his passion for photography and social sharing. Using his spare time, Kevin began working on an idea that was a combination of Foursquare and Flickr, an app that people could share photos based on their location, which was named Bourbon.

After the prototype was ready, he presented it to Baseline Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz at a party in January 2010. Luck struck him, and within two weeks of leaving his job, he received $500,000 in seed funding from Baseline Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz, after which he knew that every successful company startup needed a co-founder. it occurs. The co-founder was his friend Mike Krieger (fellow junior Stanford graduate).

Because Bourbon was so similar to Foursquare, they weren’t promoting the app, despite receiving more publicity from tech blogs, but one feature that really worked was photo sharing. Kevin felt that the bourbon had many characteristics. And the user always liked something simpler, so he decided to focus only on sharing photos.
Meanwhile, Kevin’s fiancee Nicole, while walking on a beach, told Kevin that she would never use the app Kevin made because his app could not take pictures of them like their mutual friends did and told him that such Filters should be added to his app, which would make people’s photos look even better, Kevin felt this was perfect and then he decided that he must add filters to the app.

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They completely redesigned the app, initially designed only for iPhone users as the iPhone 4 had just been launched, and the high-quality built-in camera of that phone made the pictures look even better. Got it And then filters were used to make them even better.
The pair worked on their idea for eight weeks, improving the code and refining the visual design. Finally, on the night of October 6, 2010, he hit the launch button and introduced the world to Instagram for the first time, creating the Instagram name Instant and Telegram. It is added that two hours after Instagram’s broadcast, its servers started down due to traffic congestion, fearing immediate failure, they sat up through the night and worked to get the servers back up.

It is said that more than 25,000 people downloaded Instagram within the first 24 hours. People liked this app because through this people could improve their photos and that too without sharing personal details. Everyone started loving Instagram because it was all about following others and sharing your photos.

Within 9 months, Instagram had a record-breaking 7 million users, including hugely influential celebrities like Justin Bieber and Ryan Seacrest.

Its growing popularity forced Mark Zuckerberg to notice the app and he realized that Facebook users had stopped posting their photos on Facebook and were instead sharing them on Instagram, and because Facebook’s initial Uploading photos was one of the main factors for popularity. This really worried Mark, and he thought why not make the two of them a company, and he offered the same to Kevin.

At the same time, Kevin was invited by an Arizona investment bank (Allen & Company) to a Tony conference. After talking for a while around the campfire one night, Jack Dorsey (now CEO of Twitter) and Ali Roughani (then CFO of Twitter) made an offer to Kevin to buy Instagram for around $500 million, when Sequoia Capital also Gave it to Kevin and offered to invest.

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Finally ending everyone’s secrets, Kevin decides to accept Sequoia’s offer so that it remains an independent company, Kevin also contacts Mark to tell him his decision but not like Mark and the others who listen. are not. After much discussion, Mark finally made Kevin an offer that was twice what Sequoia was offering.

Mark made a $1 billion offer to buy Instagram, and Kevin accepted the deal, along with Instagram and 13 employees who worked with him. In April 2012, Facebook received approximately $1 billion in cash and stock. have done. , Even after this deal, Instagram continued to run like an independent company and is growing rapidly leaving behind everyone’s expectations.

The company is now based in the Facebook office in Menlo Park California and Instagram claims to be more than $37 billion in profits today. Instagram is considered the favorite app of celebrities
Kevin still takes care of Instagram’s day-to-day operations and its strategy, which has led to Instagram becoming one of the fastest-growing services in the world today. Kevin is someone who always believes in keeping things simple and uses creativity to find solutions to all problems. This product allows celebrities, newsrooms, brands, teens, and musicians to tell their stories through their own visual medium.

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