Do you know about Pink Tax?

Pink tax

The pink tax is an invisible price paid by women. This is the amount they have to pay for the products that are specially designed for them. A study done in New York found that products made for women cost 7% more than similar products made for men. In the …

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Why Recharge Plans are for 28/24/21 Days

You all think that month should be of 30 or 31 days but this calendar is observed by mobile companies who have made 28 days even if you recharge plans 28 days 56 days 84 days you will get February Without getting 2-3 days less every month, so let’s do …

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Why Cyclist May be a Disaster for an Economy

In countries like the U.S.A, we barely get to see Bicycles. Now the same thing is happening in India. Due to cheap car loans, everyone wants to switch from bicycles and bikes, but still, cycles in some parts of Asia, are used for such transport Source already has a small …

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Origin of Emojis | Who made Emoji and why it was made

More than just cute pictures, these digital icons are a common language in the digital age. Who and when made the emoji seen everywhere, the story is very interesting. Origin of Emojis | Who made Emoji and why it was made | 😍😋😂😊🤣 In today’s time, if someone asks you …

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How to find suitable match for yourself ?


Hey guys! Wedding season is now at its peak. Today in this Article I’ll tell you about how to find a suitable life partner. In Today’s world, it’s very difficult to find a perfect spouse. it is the decision of your life. because you both enter into each other’s life. …

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