Why Cyclist May be a Disaster for an Economy

In countries like the U.S.A, we barely get to see Bicycles. Now the same thing is happening in India. Due to cheap car loans, everyone wants to switch from bicycles and bikes, but still, cycles in some parts of Asia, are used for such transport Source already has a small transport database, the number of bicycles used around the world, but who and why bicycles are used,

Bicycles are used by Those who cannot afford the bike and cannot maintain their Daily based expenses but now the number of cycle users is increasing. In India also the cycle has increased by more than 400 percent due to the arrival of new model types of bicycles. Cities like Delhi and Chandigarh have also separate tracks on the roads for cyclists. From kids to senior citizens, it was liked for its modern look. Especially big stars, bicycles are becoming quite popular, but did you know that if the number of cyclists keeps increasing, it may be put the country could be in danger?

Let’s see how cyclists may not be profitable for some businesses and economy

  1. You will not get stuck in traffic The car will be used only for going out of the cities only, if the car is not taken, then there will be no need for a car loan, and the number of workers and mechanics will also switch and Less requirement to the petroleum sector. There will be a loss because the cycle will not require petrol, consumption will be less, gas and petrol action will be less and there will be no need to pay fees and parking space is not needed.
  2. If a man remains healthy, then the need for doctors will be reduced and the need for medicines will also be reduced, even if the fast food business will affect, then the cyclist will take care of his health and can reduce food. From the fast food market to most people. Instead of going out to shop, The environment will be clean and fewer requirements of a gym.
  3. If the number of bicycles rangers continues rise, it can decompose in carbon dioxide up to 10% to the south,
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