Even Amitabh Bachchan could not break the financial crisis, the emperor stood like this

Amitabh Bachchan may have absorbed the bodily injury he suffered on the sets of the film ‘Coolie’, but some of the miseries of Bachchan’s life can never be forgotten for him, the burden of politics, stigma, and debt. In the seventies and eighties, when other stars of the industry were left behind due to the status of this ‘Angry Young Man of Bollywood, Amitabh also felt some pain. It wasn’t just porter’s injury. Luck had left something else written in his box. In the year 1984, Amitabh took a short break from films. Amitabh decided to try his hand at politics at the behest of his friend Rajiv Gandhi. Bachchan had contested from his hometown Allahabad. In front was the political stalwart Hemvatinandan Bahuguna. Bachchan won the election but lost to ‘Rajneeti’. Bofors was splattered on Amitabh’s hand and he said goodbye to politics forever. He agreed – “It’s not just about me.” But there was an even bigger pain in Bachchan’s fate.

After leaving politics, Bachchan, who was a flop in films, supported ‘Shahenshah’ and ‘Ganga Jamuna Saraswati’ but ‘Toofan’ again raised hope. On the one hand, there was happiness in getting the National Award for ‘Agneepath’, and on the other hand, the financial crisis was deepening. And then came the phase which completely spoiled Big B’s financial condition. In the year 1996, Bachchan established “Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited”. The dream of making a lot of films as well as the responsibility of big entertainment-related events. The target was to make a company worth Rs 1000 crore. The first film made under this banner was ‘Tere Mere Sapne’ and then ‘Mrityutata’ but as soon as the film flopped, this Alexander’s dreams of cinema went to dust. But it was nothing. Meanwhile, Bachchan’s company took over the event management for the Miss India beauty pageant held in Bangalore. There was a new world for Bachchan, but his spirits were high. He kept tall trees and spent crores of rupees, but left the earnings on Bachchan.

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This incident made it bankrupt. Many legal cases were also filed against the company. Bachchan was burdened with debt. In 1999, the Bombay High Court restrained Bachchan from selling two of his bungalows, including Pratiksha. Big B’s house was mortgaged in Canara Bank. After this, ABCL, which was in debt of about $ 140 million, was declared ‘sick’. Bachchan’s close friends often told him that people were making him financially hollow. Wrong advice is being given, but Bachchan considers it a challenge and is determined to face it. During that time Big B became very emotional in an interview- “Today when the whole world is celebrating the coming of the new century. I am celebrating my broken future. There are no films. There is no money, and not company and tax evaders put a notice for dues outside the house.

South also supported Bachchan, who was in trouble, but films like ‘Sooryavansham’ and ‘Lal Badshah’ did not work. The condition was that Bachchan himself had to change the bulbs installed in his house and he too kept avoiding the cameras of the media standing outside the house at all times. But it is said that Bachchan is a name that never breaks, never breaks.

Bachchan, who had not slept for several nights, suddenly woke up early in the morning and reached Yash Chopra’s house nearby. Yash Chopra said with folded hands that he was completely bankrupt. There are no films and the house is also mortgaged, so give some work. Yash Chopra remained silent for a while and the very next moment announced to make ‘Mohabbatein’ with Bachchan. The emperor just wanted life. Dhirubhai Ambani also supported Amitabh Bachchan in bad times. After this second innings, Bachchan did not turn down any work that came his way. And then another miracle happened. A game show like America was planned on Indian television. “Kaun Banega Crorepati”. Amitabh decided to become the host of the show regardless of the displeasure of the family members. Bachchan is said to have received around Rs 15 crore for the first 85 episodes of ‘KBC’. Not only this, a reputed international bank had signed a deal worth Rs 10 crore with Bachchan. Slowly all the troubles went away. Even today, even after crossing the spring at the age of 76, the same good smell is coming. Bachchan again remembers one thing of his babuji – “Who has a good mind, and if he doesn’t, he is good.”