How Mukesh Ambani Got The Idea of Jio

Android phones and iPhones are completely useless without the Internet, as there is so much technology that Android seems like a box without the Internet. Believe it or not, today the revolution of Android has come only because of Jio.

So let’s talk about Mukesh Ambani who comes from the rich people of the world. In 2011 Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha who was at Yale University USA, came to India to spend some time with her family. One day she had to present her course, for which the internet was causing him a lot of trouble, She told his father that the internet in his house is very bad. Akash is Isha’s twin brother, told her that in the old times telecom used to talk with voice and people used to make money from calls, but now everything has become digital, Isha and Akash convince their father that high-speed internet is now the future.

So Mukesh Ambani was already thinking to enter the telecom sector, after the conversation, further research was done and it was found that India has many telecoms, Mukesh Ambani saw this as the right opportunity and Jio was born, After much planning, Jio was launched on 5th September 2016.

This was a very grand launch when Jio announced free calls,
Due to this, customers got lines to get new SIM cards and the market share also went up. Today, Jio is a very big telecom brand, in India, and has become a full-flange digital company, Jio revolutionized the telecom industry and also worked its cost for Indians.

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Office Website of Jio

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