Real Story of Doraemon and Nobita

We all have been crazy about cartoons since childhood. One of those famous names is Doraemon, which we like very much not only in childhood but also today. We used to remember the names of Doraemon characters as if they were our friends, not cartoon characters. Doraemon still rules the hearts of people, which we can never forget. So let’s know the story of Doraemon.

The story of Doraemon begins in the 22nd century when Nobita’s generation is living in poverty because of their debts. Due to such poor economic conditions, he could only afford a second-class robot. Then Shevshi (Nobita’s grandson) goes to bid for a robot, and one by one all the robots are bought. But no one buys the robot because it has some shortcomings. But Shevshi buys it, and the same robot is named Doraemon. Shevshi feels that only by changing Nobita’s fate can he change his life and give the family a better life, and that is the only way Nobita will change the fate of an entire generation. Because Shevshi knew that Nobita’s future only pointed to a better tomorrow.

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Then Shveshi sends Doraemon to Nobita’s time in 1969 to change everything. When Doraemon reaches Nobita’s house, he comes out of Nobita’s desk. Nobita is shocked to see this. Gradually, Doraemon starts living with Nobita and becomes a part of his family. But this task was not so easy for Doraemon, because Nobita was a weak child, he was very lazy, and he did not feel like studying and doing any other work.

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Doraemon itself was not a good robot compared to other robots. Because of this even Doraemon used to make mistakes sometimes. But still, Doraemon always tried to help Nobita and became his good friend. Doraemon somehow managed to change Nobita’s life. Nobita’s luck changed after the arrival of Doraemon.

Now in the future, Shizuka becomes Nobita’s wife, not Jaiko (Gian’s sister). His generation is no longer as poor as it was before. So that Shevashi can buy a good robot. Whom we know as Dorami (Doraemon’s sister). So this was the story of Doraemon.

We all know that Doraemon is a cat robot. Which was made on 3 September 2012 in a factory with many robots. But an accident during construction causes Doraemon to lose a nut, which makes him a second-rate robot. That’s why he is not a driver. So Doraemon is sent to an academy for training. But Doraemon fails many of the academy’s tests. But in the end, he is successful, and Hawke graduates from the academy. After which Sewashi buys it.

One day when Doraemon is sleeping, his ear is bitten by a mouse. Due to this Doraemon is very sad, and cries continuously for 10 days. Because of his tears, his yellow color comes out of his body, that’s why Doraemon is blue in color and has no ears.

The story of Doraemon is written by Fujiko F. Fujio.