Story of Walt Disney

You must have known Mickey Mouse. This is the same cartoon character that must have tickled you as a child and it might be the first cartoon character for many of us. What we have started seeing. So today we are going to talk about Walt Disney. Who introduced Mickey Mouse to the world. Today Mickey Mouse has completed more than 90 years of his journey. But people still know Mickey Mouse very well.

Walt Disney’s Success Story

Walt Disney was born on 5 December 1901 in Chicago. He was one of 5 siblings. His father’s name was Elias Disney. When Walt Disney was five years old, his family left Chicago and moved to Marceline, Missouri. This is where the journey of making Walt Disney’s paintings began. His paintings were very much liked by his neighbors. Many people also gave him money for his drawing. Walt Disney went to a barber who cut his hair for free in exchange for his drawing, and he also had Walt Disney drawings in his barber shop. Walt Disney was overjoyed to see this. In 1909, he began attending school in Marceline with his younger sister. But still, the biggest problem in front of him was money because his financial condition was not good.

For this reason, in 1911, Walt Disney left Marceline and moved to Kansas in search of work with his family. Now Walt Disney was 10 years old. Walt Disney used to help his father, Elias Disney, at such a young age. Walt Disney with his brother Roy would get up at 4:30 a.m. and sell newspapers on the railroad until he went to school and then back to school. Not only this, but even after coming from school, he used to go with his brother to sell candy and snacks. His whole day was tiring. Because of this Walt Disney used to sleep in school and was not much good at studies. He did this work for more than 6 years. Also, Walt Disney used to go to the Kansas Art Institute on Saturdays. Walt Disney moved back to Chicago with his family in 1917. Here he enrolled at MC Kinley High School. Walt Disney’s drawing was good, which led him to become a cartoonist for his school newspaper. At the same time, Walt Disney used to take courses at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts during the night.

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In 1918, Walt Disney dropped out of school to enlist in the military but was unable to enlist because of his age. He then manipulated his date of birth, due to which he was admitted to the Red Cross as an ambulance driver. For this, he had to go to France. Walt Disney’s love of cartoons didn’t end there either. Walt Disney used to make cartoons on ambulances there right now. Walt Disney moved back from France to Kansas, America in 1919 because Walt Disney still had only cartoons in mind and wanted to make a career in it.

In Kansas, Walt Disney’s brother Roy got him a job at the Paceman Rubin Art Studio. Where he met another cartoonist UB Loverks. Not even a year passed and Walt Disney was fired and the reason given was a lack of imagination. Even after losing his job, Walt Disney didn’t give up, and Walt Disney started his own company with his friend, Ubi Loveworks. Whose name was Lwerks Disney Commercial Artist, did not get success even here. Exactly a month later he had to close his studio.

Story of Walt Disney in Hindi | A Brief History Of Mickey Mouse

Now he needed money to do anything. So for this Walt Disney started a new job at the Kansas City Film Ad Company. Where Walt Disney used to make ads using cutout animation. After this, in 1922, Walt Disney again opened his second studio, which he named Laugh-O-Gram. But exactly a year later, in 1923, it also had to be closed due to a lack of money. Now his two business ideas were completely ruined. But now he had nothing to lose, it was better to move on. For this, Walt Disney came to Hollywood with his brother Roy in 1923. After moving to Hollywood, Walt Disney started the Disney Brothers studio. But later Walt Disney changed the name of the studio to Walt Disney Studios. He did this at the behest of his brother.
Now Walt Disney was looking for a distributor to sell his cartoons. But eventually, he found a New York-based distributor, Margaret Winkler. Which agreed to sell his cartoon series Alice Cartoons. Meanwhile, Walt Disney recruited several people into his company, including ink artist Lillian Bounds. whom Walt Disney married in 1925. In 1927, Walt Disney created a new cartoon character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, everything was going well. But time had something else approved. Distributor Winkler and her husband bought out Disney’s best employees and stole the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

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How Walt Disney Created Micky Mouse

Walt Disney was now completely stuck. Now they had only two ways to either reduce his fee or cancel his deal. But Disney thought it better to leave him. Now Walt Disney is empty-handed again.
Now they had to start all over again, now he needed a new character. Thinking about all these things, Walt Disney was disappointed. they were returning back to Hollywood by train. Walt Disney created a new cartoon character while sitting on a train. Which he named Mortimer Mouse. But his wife asked him to name him Mickey Mouse. Which was easy to say. And this is where Mickey Mouse was born. On November 18, 1928, Mickey Mouse made his world debut in the theatre. The name of this short film was Steam Boat Willie. This was the first cartoon with synchronized sounds. After this Mickey Mouse became a star. Walt Disney himself lent his voice to Mickey Mouse. After this, characters like Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto also entered the world.
After this Disney made many full-length animation films. You must remember Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Disney was nominated for an Oscar 59 times. Out of which he got the Oscar Award 22 times. which is a record. On December 15, 1966, Walt Disney said goodbye to the world.

Official Website of Walt Disney

Today Walt Disney is a billion-dollar company and Walt Disney’s Disney lands in five countries of the world. Where to go was the dream of many of us and still is today. And yes Walt Disney loved the train. Because he had spent more than 6 years working on the railroad in his childhood.

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So Guys how do you like the story of Walt Disney, do let me know in the comment section. Thanks for reading