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Today, in the era of increasing modernization, be it science or technology, all are touching the heights of the sky. As a person is progressing, his hobbies are also increasing. In today’s era, every person wants to have a bungalow and a car. Some want BMW and some want something else.

However, today we are going to tell you about an automobile company whose relation is related to Hitler, the dictator of Germany. In such a situation, it would be interesting to know what was the connections between Volkswagen Automobile Company with Hitler and how it is one of the four largest companies in the world today.

Volkswagen Automobile Company has made a distinct identity in the world today, whose car models are proving to be effective for car enthusiasts. The Volkswagen company started by making only cars, but today its production capacity has increased, and it has increasingly started manufacturing cars as well as trucks and buses. It is believed that Volkswagen Automobile Company is the second largest car company in the world.

Volkswagen is a major German car company headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Talking about the history of this automobile company, this company came into the market when Germany was ruled by dictator Adolf Hitler. It is said that around 1930 automobile companies in Germany mainly made expensive cars. That’s why those vehicles used to be far away from the reach of any middle class in Germany.

Looking at this class, at that time companies were starting work on making cheap cars. In early 1931, Ferdinand Porsche and Zündup developed the Porsche Type 12, which was also known as the ‘Auto für Jedermann’ (Car for Everyone). However, all of his cars disappeared during the German war.

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Talking about the beginning of the Volkswagen company, in 1933, when the government of Germany was under the control of Adolf Hitler, the leader of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party, Hitler ordered Ferdinand Porsche to make Volkswagen cars. Volkswagen literally means “people’s car” in German. Hitler wanted to give such a car to the Germans, which would run at a speed of 100 kilometers and would have 4 seaters. Along with this, the facility of air cool engine should also be available. Whose price is equal to the price of a normal bike. So that almost every middle-class family can buy this car and fulfill their hobby.

World War II halted production!

Porsche’s chief designer Erwin Komenda was responsible for the design of the car following Hitler’s orders. After that, Ferdinand Porsche started working day and night to make such a car, which would be one of the cheapest cars in the world. Everyone’s hard work paid off in a short time. Hitler’s dream of a company making cheap cars for the Germans was fulfilled with its establishment. On 28 May 1937, Volkswagen, a new state-owned automobile company controlled by the Nazi Party, entered the German market.

Under this company, in 1938, the KDF-Wagon-1 car was produced, which was intended only for factory workers. The factory is believed to have produced only a few cars in 1939 during World War II. The company could not deliver the cars even to the customers who had booked these cars. It is believed that World War II started before mass production capacity was reached. After this, Hitler engaged this company to strengthen the military force, and then this company started manufacturing military vehicles for the war.

The Volkswagen company could not fully fulfill Hitler’s dream. However, it fitted most of its parts on German military vehicles. The company did most of the work for the German military but still saved enough material to make its first car, the Beetle. This led to the manufacture of Beetles supplied to civilians during World War I. However, the company suffered heavy losses in air raids during the war. Because of this, its construction works were banned.

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For safety, the equipment used in the manufacture of cars was kept hidden in underground bunkers. It is said that in 1945 when the Volkswagen company’s factory was taken over by the British government from the hands of the Americans. It is said that at that time the British government had ordered the demolition of its factory. The task of completing this task was entrusted to Major Ivan Hurst of the British Army. They were to completely destroy this factory by bombing it from above.

Although it is believed that for some reason he did not allow this factory to be destroyed. It is said that he himself destroyed the bomb inside the factory. It is believed that if this bomb had exploded, the Volkswagen automobile would probably have ended up as a nameless history in the field of automobiles. Volkswagen was not a major car company during World War II. This is because its cars were meant for the middle-class citizens.

That’s why the British government showed kindness to this company. However, if we look at the records, only after the Second World War, did the production capacity of this company increase significantly under the supervision of the British Government. Only after this, the cars of this company could become accessible to the common citizens on a large scale. Seeing many ups and downs in this way, Volkswagen Automobile Company handled itself with time. Along with this, it also attracted people towards itself by changing the model of its cars and with this, it reached a higher position.

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Today Volkswagen has many big brands in its lap. For the first time in 1950, Volkswagen launched a bus along with the car. It is continuously making efforts in its production capacity. Because of this, in 1972, Volkswagen created a new record by destroying the world car production record by making about 150 million Beetles.
Continuing its journey, in 1983 the company manufactured the Golf and launched the second generation in the market.

While in 1999, Volkswagen once again made its name in the history of the automobile by launching the Lupo 3 TDI model which consumes three liters of fuel per 100 km. Creating history in the field of automobiles, in 2002, Volkswagen produced Slovakia’s luxury car. After that, it became known as a big brand.

Similarly, constantly changing its models with the new generation, Volkswagen merged many automobile companies with them and converted them into the Volkswagen Group. Today Volkswagen Group has about 12 car companies which include Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Skoda, etc, and many more car brands. Today Volkswagen has become a huge car group.

No one would have thought that a small car company like Volkswagen could reach such a big stage today. Once upon a time, this company stood on the verge of extinction and today the world’s top car brands are with it. Volkswagen has truly become the people’s car today. What do you say about Volkswagen? do let me know in the comments section.

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