Why are IQ and EQ management important in life? Intelligence emotional management

IQ EQ; The balance of both IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) is very important in life. With the change of time our professional life is changing. Earlier it was believed that for success it is necessary to have an IQ, but just being proficient in work is not enough. It is also very important to have EQ i.e. emotional understanding.

What is IQ (Intelligence Quotient?

IQ You must have heard this word many times. IQ is derived from the German word Intelligence Quotient. Intelligence quotient means the ability to think through your intelligence. That is, the more intelligent you are, the better your IQ level will be. To be successful in any work, it is very important to have understanding. When the IQ level is good you are able to do things better. Able to remember things. Can solve problems easily and has good decision-making ability.

What is EQ (Emotional Quotient)?

EQ, This word is rarely heard in you. It is related to our feelings, that is, recognizing the feelings of ourselves and others. The better your EQ, the better you’ll be able to feel things. You can motivate yourself in any work only through EQ. You can control your anger.

Relationship between IQ and EQ

It is very important to have both IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) to be successful in life. You must have seen many such people around you who are experts in their work but according to that, they do not get success. It is directly related to the lack of emotional capacity. Such people always think that they are perfect in their work and that the other person is wrong and does not understand them. Such thinking hinders their success. They understand their work but do not understand people and their feelings.

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IQ and EQ Management

What happens if a person has a good IQ level but a low EQ level – he may be able to handle his professional life well, but because of a low EQ level, he will not be able to understand his own and others’ feelings. People do the work of their parents, wife, children, etc. which will lead to quarrels and it will directly affect their professional life.
It simply means that if your IQ level is good but EQ level is low then you will be able to work but you will never get satisfaction in your work so you will not be as successful as you should be.
Similarly, if your EQ level is good but IQ level is low then it is also not correct, you will take all your decisions based on emotions. Like spoiling someone’s talk very quickly, falling easily into someone’s words, such people remain very unhappy in life.
In a student seminar in India, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi explained IQ and EQ very well, which I am sharing with you, A 4-5 month-old baby playing in a swing. A Ghungroo (Toy) is tied in a swing and the mother leaves after play that Ghunguru. The sound of Ghungroo comes from it. The child sees that the mother did this and the sound of Ghunguru came. The mother is busy with her work and the child tries to reach the Ghunguru by raising his feet so that the sound of the Ghunguru comes. For a long time, the child kept doing this so that there would be a thump and a sound because the mother had done it. This is called IQ.
Now the mother thought that if the child is put to sleep, the mother plays a very good song CD near the swing so that the song plays and the child sleeps. But in spite of such a good song, the child is not stopping crying. Mom runs away from work and turns off the tape recorder and starts singing with her voice and the baby falls asleep. This is called EQ.
You see IQ also worked in this and EQ also worked. Therefore it is very important to have a balance of IQ and EQ in life. Success in life can be achieved only with IQ and EQ management. While another IQ means learning something new, EQ gives you the ability to take risks.

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