His wife sold her jewellery and he made Rs. 8 crore empire. The SuiGeneris House, CC Tea

Ragesh Keesham was born into a middle-class family, in Imphal village, his family had a lot of debt. The family had given everything, even their own house because their sister had cancer. But he could not save his sister. So they decided to do some business and get their family out of debt. They started the business of data digitization but did not get success. Then Started supplying fir bamboo but it also failed.

Ragesh Keesham Success Story:

After this, Ragesh formed a company named Mei Sugeneris Agronomy in 2010, the status started to change, He met an aromatic scientist who suggested he to cultivate lemongrass and extract the oil. Lemongrass is also called fever grass in Brazil. He started doing research and lemon grass is boiled and given to patients who have a fever. Ragesh found something interesting. And decided to make it a beverage made of lemongrass. And it’s too early to start working on the idea.

A friend of his who was in Indonesia sent 10000 lemongrass slips to use. He started growing lemon grass and applied for a loan from the bank. But the bank refused to give the loan.

Ragesh Tea Success Story:

Then his wife sold his jewelry of of 5 lakhs and he launched CC Chai 200 tea packets. All 200 packets were sold locally, in the very first hour, Ragesh got a lot of inspiration from this and he expanded his business even more. 2020 revenue was Rs 8 crore.

I hope you like this startup story CC Tea.

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