Boroline Success Story

Boroline is an Indian model, and the biggest thing is that there is no loan of even a single rupee on Boroline, Nehru ji and Rajkumar also used Boroline.

Do you know of any Indian company which is a living example of ‘Made in India’? Actually, here we are talking about GD Pharma, the company making the aromatic antiseptic cream Boroline. There would be hardly any person who would not know about Boroline. Let us know some interesting facts related to the successful journey of Boroline and JD Pharma from inception till now.

JD Pharmaceuticals was started in Kolkata in 1929 under the leadership of Gour Mohan Dutta, the founder of Boroline. GD Pharma is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies. The cream originated during British rule when Boroline came into existence, India was ruled by the British. India was fighting for independence.

When the company launched Boroline in the market, the British did not like it. They tried to stop the production of the cream but were unsuccessful. The company is based on the Indian model, today this cream has been around for 87 years and the financial condition of the company making it is getting stronger year by year.

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Based on the Indian model, this company does not have government debt of even a single rupee. Even after so many years, this cream has found a place in people’s first aid kits. These veterans also used Boroline when India became independent, Devashish Dutta, son of Gaur Mohan Dutta, was the head of GD Pharma. It is said that when the country became independent in 1947, the company happily distributed it to the people for free.

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Not only this, this cream became so famous that it was used by Jawaharlal Nehru to actor Rajkumar. Know where GD Pharma is compared to Patanjali In the current context, if we talk about indigenous companies, then Patanjali is also one of the big companies. If we compare GD Pharma with Patanjali then there was neither marketing nor publicity at that time. British companies used to feel threatened today, the Indian company Patanjali has earned a good name on the basis of marketing and promotion.

Even big companies like Nestle, and Colgate feel threatened by Patanjali. British companies faced a similar threat during the time of GD Pharma. These may be the reasons for the strength of Barolin, although many antiseptic creams came in 87 years, Borolin firmly held its position in the market. The quality and packaging of the cream can be attributed to this consistency.

So Guys this is the story about GD Pharma’s Boroline, I hope you like this article, Thanks for reading.