Story of Nokia

Nokia is that familiar name that we all are familiar with. And how can you forget this name? Which is somewhere connected with many memories of all of us. Almost all of us can have our first Nokia phone. So let’s know, the story of Nokia.

Nokia Success Story

As we know that Nokia is a mobile manufacturing company. But in reality, it did not start as a mobile company. It started as a paper mill in 1865 by Fredrik Idestam. After this, in 1871, Fredrik Idestam started a new company with a friend. Whose name he has named Nokia AB. In 1922, Nokia started working together with Finnish Rubber Works, and Finnish Cable Works, and in 1967 the three companies merged to form Nokia Corporation.

In the early 1970s, Nokia entered the networking and radio industry. Along with this, Nokia also started making mobile radios, telephone switches, capacitors, and chemicals. After this, there was no looking back for Nokia.

And acquired many companies one after the other. One of them was named MOBIRA. In collaboration with Mobira, Nokia introduced its first car phone, the Mobira Senator. In 1987, Nokia launched its first handheld phone, the Mobira Cityman. Whose weight was about 1.7 pounds. Subsequently, in November 1992, Nokia launched the Nokia 1011, the first commercially available GSM mobile phone.

In 1994, Nokia launched the Nokia 2110, which was the first Nokia phone to come with Nokia’s signature ringtone. By 1998, Nokia had overtaken Motorola to become the world’s No. 1 company. In 1999, Nokia launched the Nokia 3210 followed by the Nokia 3310. You all know about Nokia 3310. In 2003, Nokia launched the Nokia 1100 phone, which became very popular and was the world’s best-selling consumer electronic product at the time.

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Official Website of Nokia Corporation

In 2005, Nokia launched its N-series smartphones, in these phones users had the facility to play music, games, camera, and internet. The first three phones of the N-series were named N70, N90, and N91.

By this time there was no one to compete with Nokia. But in 2007, the fort of Nokia started cracking. Now it has become a bit difficult for Nokia to stay in the market, because Apple company launched its iPhone in the market, after some time HTC company also introduced its phone HTC Dream into the market. Which was the first phone based on Google Android, Nokia had to suffer loss in 2009 after almost a decade. Now Nokia was struggling to stay in the market. To stay in the market, Nokia joined hands with Microsoft instead of Android and launched Microsoft Windows-based operating system in the phone market.

But the phones of Nokia Lumia could not attract people much. After which the kingdom of Nokia was snatched away. In 2013, Nokia sold its business to Microsoft. But even Microsoft’s phones could not compete with Android and Apple. After this Microsoft sold Nokia to HMD Global Company.

HMD Global is a company formed in 2016 by former Nokia employees. They have taken the right to make Nokia phones for 10 years. Now HMD Global manufactures phones by Foxconn company and the name on it is Nokia all phones work on the Android operating system. At present, many Nokia phones are available in the market. Like Nokia 8, Nokia 6, Nokia 5, etc.

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