Subway Brand inspiration Success Story

Today we will know about the world’s largest restaurant chain Subway, which was opened as a small sandwich shop about 52 years ago. And the name of the person who opened it was Fred Deluca, who did not even have enough money to run his expenses. But despite his hard work and thinking, he opened the world’s largest restaurant with more than 45,000 franchisees.

Let’s know the success story of Subway from the beginning.

Friends, the story begins in 1965, when Fred Deluca opened a small sandwich shop at the age of 17. Actually, Fred never thought of becoming a businessman, he wanted to become a good doctor but he did not have the money to do a doctor’s course. Even he was able to meet his expenses with great difficulty. And given these difficult circumstances, Peter, a family friend of a friend, advises him to open a shop, giving him $1000, so that Fred can add a little money and pay for his college fees.

In fact, Peter was 17 years older than Fred and had earned his master’s and doctorate degrees in physics from Columbia University much earlier. By investing $ 1000 from Peter, Fred thought of opening a restaurant where he could provide healthy and low-cost fast food, and with this thought, he opened a restaurant named “Peter’s Super Submarine” on August 28, 1965. Built a sandwich store. , opened

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The name was changed to “Pitt Metro” over the next few months because that restaurant’s first name was too similar to “Pizza Marine”. However, when he analyzed the business after a few months, he found that he had made a loss, but instead of giving up, he opened another restaurant. Although this restaurant did not go into loss, even if there was a profit of 6 dollars, what was it, you know how stubborn both of them were. He opened another restaurant in 1968 called Subway.

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In fact, Fred and Peter have always had a passion for learning something new, and they continue to pursue this passion. and friends someone told the truth. When you want to bring some passion to your head, then what is left in the world is not available. The restaurant first turned a profit of $7,000, and then Fred and Pevetter began to franchise. Subway also got tremendous support from the people. By 1978, Subway opened 100 stores and by 1987 the number had grown to 1000 stores.

Subway entered India for the first time in 2001 and to date, Subway has opened 591 restaurants in 68 cities. By 2010, Subway had overtaken McDonald’s to become the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain. Today there are more than 45000 restaurants in 112 countries. After a decent success, in 2002, Fred also fulfilled his dream of going to college and completed his graduation from the University of Bridgeport. However, Fred died of “leukemia” in 2015, and now his sister, Suzanne Greco, is Subway’s president and CEO.

So, guys, I hope you got inspired by the story of Fred, the founder of the world’s largest restaurant chain, Subway. Thans for reading this article.