Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Success Story

Hello Friends In today’s article we are going to talk to you about Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Success Story, which is the story of a person who started Facebook at an early age. In this way, by creating a social media website, the whole world came together and touched those heights in life where it is like a dream for a common person to reach.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s success story

Mark Zuckerberg was born on 14 May 1984 in Dobbs Ferry, New York, USA. He is survived by his parents and 3 sisters. His father Edward Zuckerberg was a dentist and his mother Karen Kempner was a psychiatrist. Mark Zuckerberg was very fast and promising since childhood. He started learning computer programming from his father at a young age. To further improve this ability of his son, his father called a teacher who taught programming at home. At the age of 12, he created software called “ZuckNet”, which allowed everyone in the household to communicate by connecting all the computers together and sending messages inside the house and at his father’s clinic. Not only this, his father had installed this software in his clinic computer, from which he used to get information about the clinic visitor from his clinic staff sitting at home. Subsequently, during his high school time, he created an MP3 player named Synapse Media Player, which automatically creates the playlist that the user wants to listen to. Companies like IT giant Software, and Microsoft AOL lured them to buy this player, but they refused to sell it. Not only this, but he also made many video games at such a young age.

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Mark Zuckerberg after completing his schooling enrolled for further education at Harvard University, where he became famous and famous among all his classmates because of his brilliant intelligence. In the year 2003, he along with some of his colleagues created a website called Facemash, for which he hacked the website of Harvard University and put pictures of all the students present in it on his website and photos of any 2 girls or 2 boys on his website. They used to vote by electing “hot or not” votes. Facemash became famous very soon among college students, but some college girls also started protesting by calling this website objectionable, and one day suddenly due to high traffic on this website the server of Harvard University got shut down.

After that, he had to get a lot of scolding from the entire staff there and this website also had to be closed. Shortly before the events of Facemash, Harvard University student Divya Narendra had come up with the idea of ​​creating a social networking website for Mark Zuckerberg. This website would have been for Harvard University students and would have been named “Harvard Connection”. According to Divya Narendra Mark, all the students associated with this website can share their photos, personal information, and other links with each other through the internet. They liked the student’s ideas and immediately started working on the project together. So the idea of ​​creating such a social networking website settled in his mind, which he later shared with his friends after the fame of Facemash.

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Then in the year 2004, he bought a domain called Thefacebook.com which he started running from the dorm room it was created for the students of his school in such a way that the students can know about their class, their friends, and them. telephone number. could inform others. By the year 2005, he thought of taking it to the students of other universities in the country and now students from all the universities of America started joining it. Now due to its increasing popularity, he decided to take it all over the world and left the graduation half and focused all his attention on his team.

First, he changed the name of Thefacebook.com to Facebook.com. After completing 500 million traffic to Facebook.Com by 2006, Yahoo made an offer to buy for $1 billion, which he declined.
In the same year, he moved to California and leased a small house with his team, and also opened an office. Facebook.com was finally launched on May 24, 2007, with millions of business pages and profiles around the world. Then in May 2008, they announced Facebook Connect to make it easier for people on Facebook to share their Facebook identity with friends.

After all, due to his hard work and dedication, by the year 2011, this website had become the largest website in the world, and in the year 2015, Facebook.Com officially had more than 2 billion Monthly Active Users. Although there have been allegations and counter-allegations on Facebook.Com from time to time, Mark Zuckerberg faced every problem on the strength of his understanding and foresight, and today Facebook.Com is in almost every country, city, village, and street of the world. being used by everyone.

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Other important things about Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg
• Mark Zuckerberg was married on 9 May 2012 to Priscilla Chan of California and they have 2 daughters.
• Mark Zuckerberg had a meeting with our honorable Prime Minister Modiji on September 27, 2015, in which there were many important talks between them about promoting social media and the internet in India and Modiji also praised him.
• Mark Zuckerberg is one of the world’s biggest Youngest Billionaires and according to Forbes Magazine of the year 2015, he was ranked 7th in the number of richest people in the world.
• Mark Zuckerberg also received the award of “Time Person of the Year” in the year 2010.
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