Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Success Secrets | Jack Ma Success Story

The hallmark of a real winner is that he comes out strong in every problem. Success and failure is a part of our life, it is just a matter of attitude that we only cry for failures or think about the rewards of success.

The founder of Alibaba Group and China’s richest man ‘Jack Ma’ had to face many failures in his life, but Jack Ma was a man whose dictionary did not contain the word defeat. It was his belief in himself, the passion to achieve something, the passion to do something, or more accurately, the madness to win. Despite this, Jack Ma failed hundreds of times. what were the qualities that came out of a small village in China, he was counted among the richest and most successful people in the world.


Jack Ma did not have any special interest in studies from the beginning, so he studied twice in the fourth and three times in the eighth and completed his graduation. He was very weak in maths. Once he got only 1 out of 120 on a maths paper. Today he is such a big entrepreneur, yet he has no particular interest in accounting.
Jack Ma proved the point that when you have the passion to succeed, education doesn’t matter. Reading and writing can prove to be helpful in your success, but if the passion to succeed is great, then the absence of studies does not become a hindrance.

Physical personality:

Jack Ma is slim in the body. Wanted to join the police but his physical ability did not allow him to do so and from there he was rejected. Jack Ma’s wife Zhang Ying said in an interview, ‘Jack may not be handsome, but I fell in love with him because he can do many things that even a handsome man cannot do.
If you want to be successful, your spirit must be stronger than the strength of your body.

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Jack Ma’s Success Secrets

Jack Ma was fond of speaking English since childhood, but neither people in China considered it necessary nor needed to learn English. But Jack was very passionate, once he was determined that if he wanted to learn English he had to learn it, then he became a tourist guide. Used to turn foreigners around and say ‘Don’t want money, teach English’. Gradually Jack became perfect in English. For this, he worked as a tourism guide for 8 years.

Many Rejections – Many Failures

In the initial days, he had to knock on many doors to get the job but got rejections everywhere. Don’t know how many failed the interview. During a TV interview, Jack Ma said, “The KFC company came to China to open its branch, then 24 people interviewed for jobs, out of which 23 people were hired, one person was dismissed saying Given you don’t deserve it, that person was me.
He was proficient in English, so he started working as an English translator and in 1995 got the opportunity to go to America for the first time. Saw the internet for the first time and typed beer (bear). Beer options from many countries were seen in front of them but Chinese beer was not shown. Jack saw a big opportunity in this matter and came back to China and talked to many people about it but everyone made fun of him and rubbished his idea. He started the Yellow Pages of China with all the money he had, but it soon had to be closed due to a lack of funds.

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The beginning of success

Jack Ma started working elsewhere but didn’t give up on his internet ideas and kept researching what could happen. Applied for a loan of $3000 from the bank, but even after 3 months of a detour, his loan got rejected. Tried a lot to find investors but everyone refused to invest. But the stubborn man kept looking for people who could invest the money for 4 years. In 1997, Jack made 18 friends who together started with $ 50,000 and today success is kissing his feet.
The secret of Jack Ma’s success was his passion, vision, ability to spot opportunities, and perseverance. Do not stop, keep busy in your work with full enthusiasm, faith and consistency, you will surely succeed. And this is the secret of Jack Ma’s success. Success comes not by luck but by karma.
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