Rolex – the man behind the crown

Rolex watches around the world are known for their prices. These watches are worn as status symbols to enhance the prestige of celebrities. But many people think that time shows even a normal Watch, so why is Rolex watch so expensive..? Do you know the reason for this..? If you know the real reason for this then surely you will be surprised.

Rolex watches are known for their special workmanship. It is prepared in such a unique way that its price reaches lakhs. That’s why this watch is so expensive. But have you ever wondered why these watches are so expensive? the company claims that Rolex watches are not ordinary. The company has set up a separate research and development lab for its production. The clocks in this lab are worked so closely which is rarely seen anywhere else in the world. The lab is equipped with more than one piece of equipment the professional craftsmen work here in it. Rolex craftsmen also design watches on this basis. Rolex manufactures mechanical watches. Mechanical watches i.e. in which a lot of machinery is used. The company says that making such watches is not an easy job, so their price in the market automatically increases.

Rolex Success Story in Hindi

Rolex was first made in 1953. The first Rolex Submarine watch was designed specifically for swimmers and divers. The company claims that Rolex watches have so many fine parts that even a counter would forget them. They have to be applied very carefully as the chances of getting damaged while making watches are very high. Many watches are polished by hand. Final sizing to fit most parts is also done manually. The material used in Rolex only adds to its price.

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The material used in Rolex is costly. These use 940L steel, while other watches available in the market use 316L steel. From this, you can get an idea of ​​its power. Its use makes watches solid and shiny. White gold is used in the dial of the watch. Apart from this, the numbers used in the watch are made from special glass platinum. Bezel ceramic i.e. porcelain has also been used in this.

These watches are made in small numbers. A special feature of the watch is that gold and silver are also used to make it. Things made by melting both metals are used in watches. For your information, let us tell you that these watches are manufactured in Switzerland. One of the reasons for their high price is also believed to be that the artisans who make Rolex watches here are paid a lot. This company makes 8 to 10 lakh wristwatches every year.