Larson and Toubro success story | L & T

Friends, after hearing the name L & T, we feel that we are a company of Britain or any other country. But this is a complete Indian company which is based in Mumbai. Recently Larsen & Toubro Company got the contract to build a football stadium, which is going to be held in the next FIFA World Cup Qatar in 2020, the stadium has a capacity of 40,000. This is the first Indian company to build a FIFA stadium. The famous Lotus Temple of Delhi, Delhi Airport, Mumbai Airport, ICC Building, and many more have been built by L&T only. An Oscar-winning film, Bridge on the River Kawai, was also produced by the same company.

L&T contributes a lot to the development of India and has contributed a lot in the field of science, in which the company has helped, and the company has contributed to projects like Mangalyaan and Chandrayaan. So let’s see how the company starts.

L&T Business Empire | Larson and Toubro

Started from a small office in Mumbai, today the company is so big that it can have 100 football fields. Before the start of World War 2, in 1938, 2 engineers Larsen and Toubro Joe’s school friend Thy saw their future in India, and both of them came to India to start work on a dairy project. But it is a matter of fear that when World War 2 started in 1939, they made a ban in India on imports, and now their idea of ​​selling dairy equipment has dropped. But again a new idea came to his mind after that Larsen & Toubro started the business of ship repairing, Due to this, in 1940, he got a huge project, which was given by a well-known company in India, named Tata, Tata gave them the project to build a soda ash plant, this project was given by Tata to a German engineer earlier. Abandoned the project due to World War I, Larsen & Toubro completed the project ahead of time and with full quality work, after that, the company started getting more projects and saw t’s work from overseas as well. Projects they started getting from the UK and partnered with many companies, they also partnered with a tractor company, today L and T’s JCB and road rollers are also running in India after independence in 1948. L And T started land purchase plants in Mumbai, and gave jobs to Indians, due to the company enjoying great success, it became the largest engineering company in India in 1962. Toubro and Larsen took retirement, what about the company’s Anil Manibhai is the current chairman? Naik, they have a big hand in the growth of the company, which is doing business in many other sectors.

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