How Much Do You Know Johnny Depp as ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’?

You might remember that famous drug addict character from the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ who does crazy things but always wins. The actor playing this character is Johnny Depp. By the way, as soon as the name of Jack Sparrow comes, you recognize him. There is hardly any character left, which he has not done. The character played by him in the Pirates film series has been well-liked by the Indian audience. But do you know that apart from this film screen, his life till now is also no less than a film story? So let’s know about his journey in the film world so far-

Left home fed up with the parental fight

Johnny Depp’s full name is Johnny Christopher Depp, he was born on 9 June 1963 in Kentucky, USA. Johnny’s father, the eldest of his four siblings, was an engineer by profession. He often quarreled with his wife. Johnny became troubled by the frequent quarrels between the parents. Sometimes Johnny got so bored with it that he was locked in his room all day playing the guitar. The situation in his house did not stop there, the fights were not stopping, and on the other hand, Johnny started taking drugs at the age of 12. He didn’t know what would happen to his life! However, it was certain that to do something good, he needed to leave the house. So they went too!
At the age of 16, Johnny left his school and formed a music band with some of his friends. This band produced some good songs. But Johnny was not satisfied with this. He had to do something big. The story is from 1983. Johnny was 20 then.

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During this, he met 25-year-old makeup artist Lori Ellison. Both started liking each other and then both got married. Now they started living together in Los Angeles. Here Lori introduces Johnny to her ex-boyfriend, Nicolas Cage. Nicholas was a big actor at that time. He recognized Johnny’s talent and introduced him to some Hollywood directors.

Lori Anne Ellison and Johnny Depp. (pic: easy makeup ideas)
Got work in films but From here there was a new turning point in Johnny’s life. After much effort, in 1984, he got a role in the film Nightmare Elm Street. After this, he also worked in many documentaries. During this, his relationship with Lori broke up. However, he did not give up and kept working hard. His hard work soon paid off and in 1987 he got a chance to star in America’s famous TV series 21 Jump Street. After this initial success, Johnny decided that he would establish himself on the big screen. Soon he got a chance to work with the famous director Tim Burton.

In 1990 a film called Edward Scissorhands came out. The film proved to be a super hit at the box office by earning $54 million. After this film, Johnny Depp became a well-known name in Hollywood. During this time Johnny Depp met Winona Ryder. Both got engaged further.
Johnny fell in love with Winona so much that he got Winona’s name tattooed on his right hand. Also, Winona’s parents refused to marry her, so the couple had to separate. After this separation, Johnny broke down badly. He started taking too many drugs. So much so that one day his partner River Phoenix died of a drug overdose.
After this Johnny went into depression. During this, he met supermodel, Kate Moss. The two lived together for a few days, but then parted ways. Kate said that the reason for the separation was that Johnny behaves like a maniac. Although Johnny’s personal life did not affect his work life at all. The reason for this was also the kind of characters he was getting at this time, he was living those characters in real life as well. Because of this, he kept giving superhit films one after the other.

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Finally ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’

In 1998, Johnny wrote the famous author Hunter S. Thomson’s novel Fear and Loathing. It was here that he became friends with Thomson. Thomson’s wise words brought peace to Johnny’s life and he became somewhat immobile. Meanwhile, in 2004, the most important phase of Johnny’s life came. This year the first film of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean series was released. This film made a splash at the box office. In the film, Johnny played Captain Jack Sparrow, a temperamental, addict, and almost insane but also a vicious pirate.
He was appreciated from all around for this character. He was being admired all around now, but his companions who had stabilized his life were slowly moving away from him. Thomson died in 2005. However, Johnny neither stopped nor did he give up. After this came the second part of the same series in 2006.

It also broke all the records for earnings at the box office. At the same time, its third part also made a lot of noise. The third part grossed $138.8 million. Johnny was also nominated for an Academy Award for his role in the first film. Johnny was getting continuous success in his professional life, but the problems coming in his personal life were not taking the name diminishing. Johnny met French actress Vanessa Paradise in 1999. As their closeness grew, both of them started living together. During this, both had a girl and a boy, but then suddenly both of them separated in 2012.

That same year Johnny met Amber Heard. Both got married in February 2015. Both were happily leading their life when they got divorced in 2016. Amber says that Johnny has tortured her mentally and physically. Even further, the difficulties of Johnny’s life did not diminish. In October 2017, Johnny accused his old business manager of misappropriating money. So in April next year, his former security guard accused him of not paying his salary. Today Johnny Depp is one of the richest stars in the cinema world. His net income is $200 million. Recently he made a controversial statement. He said when was the last time an actor killed a president. After this statement, people assumed that he had said this in the context of US President Trump.

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Although Johnny Depp is a well-known actor, whom people like a lot on screen. He has achieved his position by working hard and the character of Jack Sparrow has taken his career to the heights.
Now it has to be seen whether the next film of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series or any other film is successful in making people crazy about it.

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