Pulse Candy Success Story | One Rs candy and now earning 300 crore

Today we are going to talk about Pulse Candy, in a country like India, where the taste of mango is very much liked, whether it is children or adults, the taste of mango is the most favorite taste of most people. Most of the children in our country also like raw mango very much. Put a little salt on raw mango and eat it with great fervor. In view of this test of India, many big companies have made a lot of sweets on raw mangoes.A company like Parle has also brought a bite of raw mango on raw mango, as well as many other companies have also brought out many toffees and candies on the taste of raw mango. You might not believe it, but in our country more than 50% of the people prefer only mango flavored candies. In view of this market research, many big companies have also launched many of their toffees and candies in the market on the flavor of mango.With so much competition in the market, in the year 2015, a company also introduced its raw mango toffee in the market and at the rate of Re 1 Toffee also did more than 300 crore business in a very short time.
D.S. Manufacturer of Tulsi, Baba Tobacco, Tuberose, Pearl Cardamom and Catch Spices. The group launched Pulse Candy in the Indian market in the year 2015. Soon people started liking the taste of this candy so much that people took this candy in their hands and its demand started increasing very much. Today Pulse Candy has established its dominance in the Indian market, beating many domestic and foreign companies.

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Pulse Candy Success Story.

The foundation of “DS Group” company, manufacturing Mango Flavor Pulse Candy in the form of candy, was laid in the year 1929. DS Group was planning to bring such a candy to India which would make everyone go crazy after eating that candy. , For your information, let us tell you that in the candy market of India, many big brands had brought many types of candies of their different flavors in the market.A research was done on the Indian market by this company and according to the results of the research it was found that most of the Indian people like to eat things made from mangoes and raw mangoes, besides there is a market for candy made from mangoes. Candy market. 50% is also there. After seeing the results of this research, the DS Group company thought of doing something different in the Indian candy market.

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Unique idea I got from Indian people.

According to the market research team of DS Group, Indians prefer to eat raw mangoes and they also use spices on raw mangoes. Due to which its taste becomes very sour and sweet. The company liked the idea so much, they decided to try the idea on their new candy. They add a special spice to their candy keeping in mind the Indian taste.
Due to which the candy eater first gets the taste of raw mango, then gradually the taste of the spices kept in the middle of the candy, due to which the taste of the candy also increases gradually.

The company’s experiment was successful.

The first trial of this candy by DS Group was done in February 2015 in Gujarat, a state in India. Gujarati people started liking the taste of this candy so much that its demand was increasing day by day. Most people started buying the whole box of candy, which caused the company’s supply to run out, with some counterfeiting companies copying it.

The company soon met the growing demand by tying up with several other manufacturing units and started supplying it across India. Many of DS Group’s large products were already in the market, with marketing team, distributor team holding pan India. Through all those teams, Pulse Candy also did not have any problem in reaching the Indian market.

mouth-to-mouth publicity.

The success of this candy was that while companies had to resort to publicity after launching a new product in the market, the company did not initially spend any kind of advertising to make this candy accessible to the people. fell down.
The company says about Pulse Candy that where people know or buy any product by its brand name, people were buying it not by the company’s brand name but by liking the taste. People themselves are telling each other about the candy whether it is friends or relatives. According to the company, this is probably the first time in the history of any candy that the candy has been promoted by the customers themselves.

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Pulse became the number-one candy of the market.

Pulse Candy has been crowning the number one candy in the Indian market for 3 consecutive years. story of success. While candies from Parle, ITC and Parfetti took years to settle down in the Indian market, Pulse snatched the number one candy crown in no time. Before the arrival of Pulse, the Italian company Alpenliebe was also well-liked in the Indian market, but in no time Pulse also left no stone unturned to make the Indian people crazy.

Fake candies like Pulse hit the market even after they hit the market.

Seeing the increasing demand for Pulse in the market, many fake companies also launched fake candies with a name similar to this candy, but all flopped as the candy did not taste like Pulse. That’s why pulse lovers outright rejected all those sweets. Even today, many companies in the Indian market keep trying to imitate Pulse, but the person who has ever tried Pulse Candy, hardly likes any candy like Pulse.

The research behind the green-black rapper.

After a lot of research and thought on the packaging of this candy to give the company a distinct identity in the candy market and to attract people towards Pulse Candy, the wrapper of this candy was launched in green-black color which attracts attention. able to do. People from afar compared to the color of other candy wrappers. This research of the company was also very successful. Being an attractive rapper, she seemed different in all the sweets, as well as the taste of that candy had also gone on the tongue of the people.

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The growing demand for Pulse Candy.

Pulse candy was liked by the people because of its delicious taste. The production was scaled up at the same pace along with the company’s demand. In today’s time, the taste of this candy remains on the tongue from children to elders. After seeing the tremendous success of this candy, Pulse Candy has really become the pulse of India.

After the introduction of Pulse in Gujarat, the company was finding it impossible to meet the demand for Pulse as the Pulse stock was running out overnight, selling more than what it was not producing.

You can guess this from the fact that many shopkeepers started selling the entire box of Pulse Candy for more than the price. The DS Group company was probably not aware of this. In view of this demand, he joined the production units of other companies with some agreement and immediately fulfilled the demand and also started lentil candy all over India.
The production of pulse candy in the year 2016 was 1250 tonnes per month. To meet the demand, the company also launched many more flavors of Pulse Candy. The company has done a business of more than 300 crores with toffees worth Rs 1 crore today. which shows its success.

Tag line for the promotion of Pulse Candy.

The same tag line was used worldwide by the company to promote Pulse Candy. A small punch line was leading to the massive branding of Pulse Candy. After launching Pulse across India, the single tag line “Pran Jaye Par Pulse Na Jaye” for its promotion on TV, Newspapers has maintained its demand in the market till now.

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