Muhammad Ali Success Story

Today we will know, the success story of the world’s greatest boxer, Muhammad Ali’

Muhammad Ali always used to say one thing, ‘I am the greatest… I am the conqueror’. Every match became popular. When he used to go to the ring, he used to stun the opponent with his powerful punches. Muhammad Ali was named ‘Sportsman of the Century by BBC Sports Illustrated and Sports Personality of the Century. Muhammad Ali (1942–2016) was an American former heavyweight champion boxer and one of the greatest players of the 20th century.
Muhammad Ali was born on 17 January 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

Muhammad Ali Childhood

The story of his early boxing is very interesting. When he was 12 years old, he and his friend went to the Columbia Cinema to see the Louisville Home Show. When he came out after watching the cinema, he saw that his cycle was not there. Both immediately reached the police station to file a report. They reported to police officer Joe Martin, who was also a boxing coach at Columbia Gym.
Muhammad Ali was young at that time but was very angry that he wanted to kill the man who stole his bicycle. Police Officer “Joe Martin,” noticed the rawness and confidence in little Ali. Only jewelers examine diamonds. He gave Ali a chance to practice in his gym.

Ali began to enjoy this thing a lot. Ali would wake up early in the morning and go to the gym and work hard. When a passion turns into obstinacy, nothing can stop you from succeeding. At the age of just 12, Ali had tremendous dedication and self-discipline. Seeing his dedication, Martin was convinced that Ali was born to do something big. He soon started his boxing training.

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Beginning of the success of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was different from the rest of the boxers, he had complete confidence in himself. He was not even wearing a safety mask to protect his face. At the age of 18, Muhammad Ali won two national Golden Gloves titles, the Amateur Athletic Union national title, and the Light Heavyweight Gold Medal at the 1960 Summer Olympics. He defeated many legendary boxers of that time.
When Ali won the world heavyweight title on February 25, 1964, he was the youngest player to achieve the feat. Soon after winning the championship, he changed his name from Cassius Clay to ‘Muhammad Ali’.

Muhammad Ali vs. US Military

Till that everything was fine. The name, fame, and money belonged to Ali, but in 1967 he refused to serve in the US military in the Vietnam War, citing religious beliefs and opposition to US involvement in the Vietnam War. It was up to him to do so. Ali was found guilty of non-compliance with the draft and was arrested and stripped of his boxing title. He was disqualified from his heavyweight title and boxing license. This meant that he was not able to fight in any state of America. Ali was also charged with five years in prison, which meant his boxing career was nearly over. However, he had become a symbol for the younger generation to question the war.
He was out of action for three and a half years before Muhammad Ali was convicted by the Court. Then when he returned to the ring after three years, but lost his old stamina, due to which he lost many matches. His fans were very disappointed by this.

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Ali finally returned to the boxing ring after a few months. Now Ali’s only goal was to regain his title. During this, Ali played many of the best matches of that century. In most of these, Ali defeated his rivals. These matches played by Ali are still remembered today.
Muhammad Ali achieved many victories and was just one step away from becoming the heavyweight champion once again. Several boxers had failed before Ali’s punches and now it was George Foreman’s turn. The match was named ‘Rumble in the Jungle. In this match, Ali won the match on the strength of his strength and faith in the eighth round itself and got back his lost title.

He had amazing self-confidence and strength, he used to say “If you even dream of defeating me, it is better to get up and apologize.”
Finally, in 1981, at the age of 39, Muhammad Ali retired from boxing.
After a few years, Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, due to which his physical condition started deteriorating. On June 3, 2016, Ali lost his last battle for life at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Muhammad Ali made his place in the hearts of the people. Even today his name is inscribed in golden letters in the pages of history.

Muhammad Ali proved this point. There are many ups and downs in life. Even if you fall, never let your faith fall. The biggest thing is to stick to your goal and prove yourself.

So, this was the story of how Muhammad Ali regained his title. I hope you like this inspiring story of Muhammad Ali.

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