a 40 crores Indian sportscar scam DC | Kapil Sharma vs. Dilip Chhabria

DC Avanti is the first Indian sports car manufactured by Dilip Chhabria Which is worth 34.6 lakhs and till now 120 cars have been sold. Dilip Chhabria has become a very well-known brand in the world of modified cars. Some celebrities are also his clients, before launching DC, Dilip worked at General Motors.
We will talk about the scam later, let’s know the success story of DC.

Success Story of DC (Dilip Chhabria)

There has been very little discussion about Indian may car modifications so far, but the arrival of the new generation is paving the way for the future of car design, and now the DC is doing. Dilip designs models of supercars, initially, he never thought he would become a car designer, but after graduating in commerce, he would ask who would give him a card for training at The Art Center College of Design in Gaya Pasadena US, after working for some time at General Motor.

After coming to India, he applied to Mahindra and Tata, but according to his education, it was a puzzle about which type of job to apply, after this, Chhabria got help from his father for him. Dilip replaced the horn of the Padmini car which sold a lot, made more money from his father, and in 1992, he modified the model of a gypsy, which was very good. Then came DC Avanti That which became India’s first supercar. This car was similar to Lamborghini which was powered by the 2-liter engine in the 2003-8 film of Bandhan I did the same thing, doing ESA which became one of the top car design players in India.

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Now let’s talk about the recent scam

Dileep has been arrested for financing 40 crores, by Mumbai Police
An employee of the company did the customer bank to take a loan on his car, the cost of which was 42 lakhs, which was not going to happen again.

When the police came to know that a car from Tamil Nadu was registered at 2 places, So customer filed FIR with the Mumbai police.
Dilip was taking 2 loans on the same car which had 2 separate registrations. Recently, a popular comedian Kapil Sharma also filed an FIR against Dilip for cheating of 5.5 crores. Kapil Sharma paid Dilip for a vanity van which was never delivered.

Harshad Mehta, Nirav Modi, and Dilip Chhabria all used the same trick while lying about the advantage of some similar loopholes. Do you think government institutions are also involved in such scams and should also be punished, if you see the story of Harshad Mehta, then banking institutions and politicians, and some other government departments were equally guilty. You can write your thoughts in the comment box and if you like this article please share it with friends, thanks for reading.