Why isn’t Rattan Tata The Richest Man in India

Ratan Tata is an Indian industrialist whom everyone knows and respects, in my opinion, there are only two people who have zero haters, one is APJ Abdul Kalam Sir and the other is Ratan Tata Sir.

Ratan Tata Sir operated the Tata Group from 1990 to 2012 and then held the post of Interim Chairman, and head of the Charitable Trust now, Tata group has 96 companies out of which 28 are publicly listed.

Official Instagram Account of Sir Ratan Tata https://www.instagram.com/ratantata/?hl=en

Official Twitter Account of Sir Ratan Tata https://twitter.com/rntata2000?lang=en

If you look at the market capitalization, it’s over $160 billion.
Very often we see that the CEO and Chairman or Director of big companies come in the list of top billionaires of the world.

If Tata’s group is so big then why Ratan Tata Sir does not come in the world’s fattest and richest people and also does not come in the list of top 500.

Tata Motors Website https://www.tatamotors.com/

Tata Group Official Website https://www.tata.com/

Tata Steel Website https://www.tatasteel.com/

Tata Power Website https://www.tatapower.com/

TCS Website https://www.tcs.com/

So once someone asked the same question to Tata Sir, that if Mukesh Ambani can be the wealthiest man then why not you,

So Tata sir replied, he is an industrialist, and Mukesh Ambani is a businessman, he says he doesn’t want to make India an economic superpower, he wants to make India a happy country.

The Tata sons are responsible for the chair of the Tata empire, which all come under Tata trusts, which run Tata-led charities. 66% stake which is with Tata Trust, if we don’t take this Tata’s trust exit then the total stake is with Ratan Tata so that he will have 67% share, and $160 billion empire, His net worth will be $107.2 billion. Which will make him the third richest person in the world, after Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates in September 2020. So he never reached his net worth of beyond $1bn.

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