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To get the success you have to try not once but many times. Once you fail, if you stop trying, you will never get successful. That is why it is said that for success one has to bear the fruits of failure. We are talking about the founder of the Ford Company, Henry Ford. Henry Ford was an American industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company. The success story of his life is quite inspiring. How he did not lose courage even after failing many times and today he has become a famous industrialist all over the world.

The Early Life of Henry Ford:

Henry Ford was born on 30 July 1963 in Green Field Township, Michigan, USA. Henry’s father William Ford was a farmer and his mother Mary Ford was a housewife. Henry’s parents had six children, of whom Ford was the eldest.

Ford was fond of machines since childhood. Ford used to quietly repair machines at night, despite his father’s refusal. Ford was known to his neighbors as a “watch repairman”. Ford’s father wanted him to help him with farming, but he had a different attachment to machines since childhood, due to which he left home and moved to Detroit at the age of 16.

Worked as an Apprentice in Detroit

After arriving in Detroit, Ford became an apprentice at the “James F. Flower and Brothers” company. After working there for a few months, he began working as an apprentice at the “Detroit Dry Dock Company”. Although his salary was not so much then, but his attitude towards work never let him get away from this work. Let us tell you that to meet the shortage of money, he started repairing the clock at night. From which he earned two more dollars every week.
Let us tell you that due to his interest in machines, he worked in many other companies and when he learned all the nuances completely, then he returned to No Green Field. Henry Ford started 5 businesses but did not succeed in any of them. Even after getting so many failures, Henry did not give up and he kept trying.

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The first car was made in 1893 [Henry Ford First Car]

Let us tell you that Ford started working in the Detroit Edison Electric Company in the year 1890 and made the first petrol-powered vehicle in the year 1893. The speed of this car was 25 mph. In 1893 he started making another car, and in 1899 he left the electric company and founded the Detroit Auto Mobile Company.

Racing car construction

After leaving the company in 1899, Ford began making race cars. Cars made by Ford used to run on the race track and not only that but also win. Soon after, Ford’s life changed completely. Ford’s name became famous because of the success of the cars that competed in the race, which led to the founding of the Ford Motor Company in 1903. In the first year, Ford Motor Company produced 1,708 vehicles with two cylinders and eight horsepower. Ford’s cars got a very good response in the market, due to which the company also made a lot of profit. Ford sold 5000 cars in the second year, after which he never looked back. Ford became the chairman of this company and he removed all the shareholders and became the owner of this company alone. Ford’s sole purpose was to give people a car that was light, fast, and strong but affordable so that everyone could buy their vehicle, and keeping all these things in mind, they had to make a new car. To achieve this, they adopted the principles of standardization of machine parts, progressive assembly, widespread sales, and high wages. During this time Ford not only made race cars but also made tractors for farming.

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By the year 1924, this company had made two million vehicles, trucks, and tractors, but by the year 1931, the number of vehicles manufactured in all factories reached 20 million. It is Ford’s hard work and dedication that have taken them where they are today. Let us tell you that now the founder of the Ford Car Company,

Henry Ford dedicated his whole life to Krishna Bhakti. People in India now also know Henry as Amrish Puri. Leaving all the luxuries around the world, he is now painted only in the color of Krishna.