Origin of Emojis | Who made Emoji and why it was made

More than just cute pictures, these digital icons are a common language in the digital age. Who and when made the emoji seen everywhere, the story is very interesting. Origin of Emojis | Who made Emoji and why it was made | πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ€£

In today’s time, if someone asks you the meaning of emojis, then maybe you will laugh. Because you must have used ‘emoji’ during a conversation on Facebook, WhatsApp, or any social media platform. So you must also know that the world’s first emoji was a ‘smiley‘ πŸ™‚. Many people will indeed get so much information related to emojis, but if someone asks you the opposite, what will you say..? Like- who made this smiley and why..? How and where was it discovered? Isn’t it… So friends, before anyone asks you such questions, today on the occasion of ‘World Emoji Day’ 17 July, know its story.

What is a smiley? πŸ™‚

‘Smiley’ or say ‘Emoji’ is the same thing. these days they are being used more than text messages. You might be using them while chatting with someone on the phone or even while chatting on social media. Yes, you will get to see its real effect on today’s young generation. From young boys and girls to school-going children, they can hardly be found talking among themselves without the use of emojis. They do this so that they can easily explain their feelings to others through emojis in the message. Crying or laughing, angry or feverish… you can easily convey your mind to your friends through emojis. Yes, these emojis are very useful in making reaction notes. Sometimes children even talk to each other using emojis to hide the text from their parents. These become coding languages ​​for them.
The person using them knows very well that through emojis, the person easily understands how you reacted to his talk, or if he sends emoji on your talk, then you can also see his reaction.

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How and Who invented Emojis?

But you may not know how the emoji was invented and what was the reason behind it and who was the person who created it.

Find the first smiley in the world

Talking about the world’s first smiley face, it was first made in America and its creator i.e. the first person to make a smiley was ‘Harvey Rose Ball’. When American-born Harvey made this smiley faceπŸ™‚, he did not even know that it would become so popular. He never even got it patented. Now you must have come to know who made it, but it is more surprising and interesting for you to know why it was made.

so that’s why the first smiley πŸ™‚ was created

Now let us also tell you why it was made. Harvey used to run an advertising and PR agency in 1963. During this, the State Mutual Life Assurance Company of America reached in front of him with a problem. During that time this company merged with another company. This angered the employees of the company. To solve this problem, Harvey designed ‘Smiley Face’. He got $45 to make it.
Used to convince rude employees Which according to today is about 3 thousand rupees. This smiling yellow face was created to celebrate angry employees. Later this smiley face was liked so much that it spread all over the world. In 1971, 50 million smiley face buttons were printed and sold. Not only this, in 1999, the US Postal Service Department also issued a smiley face stamp. Today this smiley has spread in many places.

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T-shirts of emoji smiley are also seen in the market. You must have also seen the smiley ball. People like it a lot too. For your information, let us tell you that on the occasion of ‘World Emoji Day last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared information about the most used emoji in the world on his Facebook account through Facebook. In this, the first place was the emoji with the face of Tears of Joy πŸ˜‚. Very few of us would know this interesting thing, because like every year ‘World Emoji Day’ which comes on 17th July keeps coming and going. In the absence of information, we miss a better opportunity to celebrate this day. But this emoji is always with us in the chat box. So we need to know about it.