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Those who faced many challenges in life to do something for their country and illuminate its name and also illuminated the name of their parents with their hard work and dedication. Let us now know in a little detail every story related to Hima Das.

Know about the biography of Hima Das | The Golden Girl

Hima Das was born on 9 January 2000 in a very poor family in a village named Kandhulimari in Dhing town of Nagaon district of Assam state. The name of her parents is Jomali and Ranjit Das. Her father was a farmer who had only 2 bighas of cultivable land, which he used to support the family by growing food grains and vegetables and selling them in the market to support the household. A total of 16 members live in the house, out of which Hima Das has 5 siblings. He had an inclination towards sports from the beginning, due to which he never felt like studying.

Know the story of Hima Das becoming a runner

Hima Das was fond of football since childhood and this is also the dream due to which she used to play small football matches with boys from around her village and district. While playing football, her running stamina became good. It was here that her talent was recognized by the teacher of ‘Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya’, Shams-ul-Haq and advised him to become a runner on their advice Hima Das decided to make her future as a runner.

When coach Nippon Das started her journey to become a runner, she had to face many challenges. At first, the running track facility was not available in her area for daily running, due to which she had to practice running on the football field. Then new shoes were also needed for the second running practice, but due to the poor financial condition of the family, she used to practice in her old shoes.

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Once The village was filled with flood water for several days, which stopped their practice of running. In the year 2017, she met his coach Nippon Das in the inter-district competition organized by ‘Assam Youth Welfare Ministry’ in Guwahati where she competed in a 100 and 200-meter race and secured the first position in a running competition with cheap shoes. , This is where coach Nippon Das thought of honing her talent further. After this, coach Nippon Das reached her house and after talking to her family started training Hima Das at his own expense in Guwahati itself.

Know the story of Hima Das’s career as a runner

Hima Das Biography in Hindi | success story | Golden Girl

Nippon Das initially used to train Hima Das to participate in 200 meters race, which she later increased to 400 meters. Hima Das had secured 7th position in the 200m race at the Asian Youth Championships held in Bangkok. After this, at the age of 18, India also participated in the Commonwealth Games in Australia and finished 6th in the final 400 meters.

After the Commonwealth Games, she participated in the World Athletics Championships track competition held in Finland and won first place and gold medal by completing the 400 meters race of the Under-20 Championships in just 51.46 seconds. After this, she won 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal in the Asian Games held in Jakarta, Indonesia, and then in the year 2019 in the Czech Republic in International Tournament held in the Czech Republic, winning 5 consecutive gold medals, bringing laurels to the country. she has also received many awards including the Arjuna Award for medals won by the President of sports for India.

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So you saw how Hima Das achieved her goal with her passion and enthusiasm and acted as an example of inspiration for the entire society. We hope you like our Hima Das Real Life Inspirational Success Story.