The complete story of the success of the T-Series which is an inspiration to all.

Hello friends, today we see the songs of any Bollywood film, T-Series has an important role in making them all, as well as today T-Series is the largest music company in India, today T-Series is the world’s biggest music company. Today T-Series has a 60% share of the market. Today this music company in India is standing at that step from where it is only getting success, only a small business is getting the most successful music in the world. The name of person behind the formation of the company was Gulshan Kumar, he struggled a lot in his early times, but he did not change the path to his destination and wrote a new story of his success in front of the world, it is said that when a person is successful, then behind him Many enemies are found and this is what happened with Gulshan Kumar, he was shot dead at the age of 41, but friends, this small story of his life became an inspiration for many people and today Gulshan Kumar’s life story millions of people So let’s know friends today, how a small story of the whole story of T-Series’s success. The boy, who started his career by selling juice at a shop, created a music company that proved to be a hit not only in India but also in the world.

Friends, this whole story of T-Series begins on May 5, 1956, when Gulshan Kumar Dua was born in a Punjabi Hindu family living in the capital of the country, Gulshan Kumar’s father’s name was Chandrabhan Dua, who lived in Delhi in Daryaganj area. I used to run a small juice shop and run my family’s expenses, due to financial constraints in the house, Gulshan Kumar also started working with his father at the juice shop, due to a lack of good income from his father’s juice shop. He started selling audio cassettes, then no one knew about audio cassettes in the market, due to this his business started becoming very successful, in this work he saved a lot of money and was about to take this business further. I thought then he expanded the work to Noida, Delhi, and that he started a music company named Super Cassettes Industries.

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During this work, Gulshan Kumar thought that if he wants to connect his music company with Bollywood, then for this he will have to look for a way to Mumbai. Got it and started working on taking forward his business.

T-Series Youtube Channel

Then in the year 1983, increasing the name of his company, he renamed it T-Series. Friends, then T-Series, working in a Bollywood film for the first time, launched his first music from the 1984 film Lalluram Ram, although friends like this. It is not that T-series got success from its early work and even after the release of several albums of his debut, he could not get both success and recognition, then during that period, the songs sung by Gulshan Kumar were called T-series. The series continued to release at its level, the hymns sung in that era of friends Gulshan Kumar still rule the hearts of the people.

Gulshan Kumar continued his efforts even after his songs, and in the year 1990, his company got a different identity from the Bollywood film Aashiqui, friends, then a total of 20 million copies of the album of this film were sold, which is the highest-selling album till date. At the top of the list, the success that T-Series got from here never stopped and T-Series continued to make success in the Bollywood industry in the year 1997, T-series became the biggest music company in Bollywood.

And since then Gulshan Kumar has been crossing every floor of success he got with his music company T-Series. And when he was going for his suiting on August 12, 1997, he was shot and killed, when the investigation of this entire massacre was done, it came to light that Abu Salem, who is a member of the gang of D Company, had got Gulshan Kumar done. After the murder of his wife Sundesha Kumari, a boy and two girls were born, the boy was named Bhushan Kumar, and the girls were named Tulsi and Khushali. When Gulshan Kumar left the world and T-Series, then the responsibility of managing T-Series. His brother Kishan Kumar and sitting Bhushan raised. Then both of them together improved the company over time and took the company to new heights. Bhushan Kumar was a young man and he took T-Series a lot forward using changing technology and friends today is the reason why T- Series remains India’s number 1 music company today, then with increasing technology, T-series joined YouTube on 13 March 2006 and people on YouTube liked T-series so much that today YouTube channel subscribed on YouTube. Although friends, after joining YouTube, T-Series uploaded the first video on its channel in the year 2010 after a long gap.

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Friends, today there are more than 65 million subscribers to T-Series’ YouTube channel, as well as friends, more than one and a half lakh subscribers joined this YouTube channel of T-Series, friends, you will be surprised to know this. T-Series earned about 100 million from its YouTube channel from January 2018 to July 2018, which has become the biggest center of success for T-Series.