How a blind street vendor built a multi-crore business | Bhavish Bhatia | Sunrise Candles

Bhavish Bhatia, a telephone operator, was only 20 years old when he lost his eyesight and job in a hotel. Soon his mother also died. Now there was no source of income and the passion to do something was definitely there. He did not have the light in his eyes, but in order to light the houses of others, he started candle-making training in 1999. They make and sell candles in the local market. Which was the market of Mahabaleshwar.

It was very difficult, to melt the wax and used the same utensils for cooking. Bhavish says, remembering the old days when some mischievous people picked up their candles and threw them in the gutter. After a lot of struggle, his life changed when he met Neeta who is his wife. He would go to malls with his wife and touch and feel different types of candles which were quite mehndi.
That’s how he did market research and started making a lot of variety of candles.

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Now the turning point came when Sitara Bank granted him a loan of Rs 15000. Today Sunrise Candles has 72 manufacturing units in 14 states, now imports wax from the UK, and has developed over 10,700 designs unheard. Their main clients are Reliance Industries Big Bazaar Hotel Group Ranbaxy Rotary Club and many more.
He also recently received the President’s Award, and Reliance Industries also gave him the Best Blind Entrepreneur Award. (Best Blind Entrepreur)
He also gave jobs to 225 blinds, he not only gave training but also helped them to start their own business.
Anyone can make friends flow, but if one really wants to make success easy, then a burning desire is needed for that.

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