Things to Keep with You While Traveling

Everyone likes traveling, But keeping some things with you can make your travel more comfortable and easy. Well it depends you are going on your work or going for a vacation trip. while going to work you already plan and manage things you are going to take with your weather these are some kind of documents or something else. but now we are talking about going on a trip with your family and friends.

So i am going to tell you things to keep with you while traveling solo.

  1. Water bottle: Very first thing i am suggesting is water bottle. weather you are traveling by you car or bus or train water bottle is necessary to take with you weather it’s hot or cold. you can help you fellow travelers if they are not carrying water bottle. It makes your travel more comfortable. don’t drink much water but in sufficient amount.
  2. Travel Pillow: If you are comfortable with Pillow Traveling pillow is best thing to keep with you. in long drive or long bus and train journey travel pillow plays important role. some people use their bags as pillow but it’s not comfortable. it can mess up your neck. so keeping a travel pillow with you makes your journey more comfortable
  3. Power bank: Mobile phone are very important thing in these days. you have to charge your mobile at least once a day and android and apple mobile’s batteries are not enough for a day if you are using it regularly. so keeping a power bank with you on long journeys is a good thing. at the time of emergency you can call anyone if your phone is charged.
  4. Comfortable shoes: Shoes plays important role in your traveling. when you are going on a trip it is confirmed you have to walk more than usual. If you are going on trekking that your shoes matter the most. wearing comfortable shoes makes your journey more easy. also you can take slippers with you. it is more comfortable
  5. Headphones: Keeping headphones with you is very good thing. you can attend your call and talk well because headphones helps you to hear properly. these can also be used for listening music, and if you don’t want to talk with fellow traveler this helps a lot
  6. Travel bag: Make sure that you bag is not too much heavy and easy to carry with you. jus take things and cloths that are necessary. keeping things that are not required makes your bag heavy and irritating
  7. Book: If you are a books lover and you like reading then traveling is best time to read. you can read a lot while traveling. books helps you to spend time well and books are good friends of people. now it’s a new trend like podcasts. you can also try by listening to podcasting.
  8. Disinfection Wipes: This is very good thing to keep with you. you can use it when you think that you touched a dirty place or thing. You can also use face wipes because there is a lot of pollution in India on roads.
  9. Your Identity: Your Identity is a important thing to keeping with you. at every place while driving or traveling by train or bus keeping your identity with you is a good thing. If you are traveling in other than India Your passport is your Identity But in India your Adhar card, driving Licence can be used as Identity, even you cannot book a hotel for stay with your ID
  10. Painkillers: Some people cannot travel much, but keeping painkiller your journey can be comfortable. in hot season or in a traffic it is normal getting a headache. at this time talking a painkiller is better than surffering.
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So these are the things you could take with you while travel and make your journey more comfortable.