Marg Erp Success Story

The most important thing to running any business is to keep accounts, in earlier times all manual work was done, and very big books of account were kept, in which complete accounting records are kept. This is normal, if you do the manual calculation of the core, then there will be a mistake and it will also take a lot of time, with the arrival of the computer, everything became easy, and much such software has been created, due to which all your calculations will be done with just one button. And the calculation is also done automatically, a lot of software is running in the Indian and global market to do accounting on the computer, which is required by the software that suits its field,

Now in the market apart from Tally and Busy, many accounting software are running in different areas of the country, one such accounting software is MARG ERP. Those who are in medical shops and the pharma sector must know the software, but for those who do not know, let me tell them that Marg is an accounting software that does accounting and billing for every type of business, especially for pharma.

Marg Erp Accounting Software Success Story

So friends, today we are going to show you the MARG ERP. Will tell you about the software, Friends Marg is an Accounting and Inventory Management software that is helping companies and MSMEs to grow. Marg Company was started under a tree in Ashok Vihar, Delhi by 3 friends, friends talk about 1992 when Sudhir Singh and his brothers Anoop Singh and Mahendra Singh work as a technical programmer in a pharma company, they Developed software to manage inventory and finance, things changed with the time He thought of starting his own business but the pocket was empty, made his dreams and plans under a tree in Ashok Vihar, Delhi.

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So this tree was his office for the first 5 months. From that time till now, Marg Software is providing very good services to every retailer, whole-seller, and factory. The changes that were made by the government due to the introduction of GST, and the road also made changes very well. Customer service is also available very well. The special thing about this software is that it can be easily operated by everyone, and now cloud-based online software and apps have also been developed, from which you can access your data from anywhere, and you have to work special. There is no need to even go to the office.

The route keeps the Whole-seller and Retailer connected, any order and payment can be made through the route only. In today’s pharma industry, 60% of the market is occupied, and till now there are more than 250000 active users, friends, and whatever facilities are needed in the pharma sector, such as Expired items and Nearby Expiry Reports. It’s very easy to do a Customer payment reminder is also a very good feature in this, apart from this, you can do mail and WhatsApp from the software itself. Creating and uploading GST returns on Marg has been made very easy, such small features make Marg more attractive, Friends, the founders of Marg have a huge contribution to the pharma sector, and Marg aims to make business easier. working for.

So friends, the story of Ye To Thi Marg Software, I hope you like this article, thank you.

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