BMW success story

Today I am going to talk about BMW, a German company that makes motorcycles and engines, which came into existence about 104 years ago, and this car company is usually known for expensive and luxury cars. It is also known that this company also manufactures Rolls Royce and Mini brand cars.
So friends, so far we have talked about the success of BMW, but do you know that this journey has been a lot of ups and downs? BMW has been involved in famous companies, that have made motorcycles and cars during the world war. The ban was imposed and at that time this company made many things like cycles and kitchen items at one time the company standing on the verge of selling itself and also bought a big company like Rolls Royce in the future, so let’s know friends. What have been the ups and downs of BMW so far?


So friends, the name of the founder of BMW is Karl Friedrich Rapp, who was born on 24 September 1882 in Germany, later he became a mechanical engineer and in 1918 Karl opened a company named Motorenwerke GmbH. The company in which mainly aircraft and vehicles engines were made.

World War and BMW –

World War also started in a few years and at that time the demand for Aeroengines had also increased a lot, on 7 March 1916, two companies (Bayerische Flugzeugwerke + Auotomobilwerk Eisenach) came together, and they formed a new company named Bavarian Motor Works and this is what we know as BMW in short. Actually, this name is the English name of BMW, its German name is Bayerische Motorenwerke GmbH.

BMW’s first product was an aircraft engine named BMW 3A, whose quality was so great that the military liked it very much and BMW got a big order from them, but in 1918, after the end of the World War, Situations became something like this, BMW had to stop making aero-engines, so BMW started making many things like pumps, buses, and tractor engines that used in the fields.

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BMW also started making motorcycles in 1923, and the company’s first successful motorcycle was the R32. In 1928, BMW also started producing cars by buying a company named Automobilewerk, and then the company’s first car BMW 3/15 was launched. Meanwhile, many of his factories were bombed and some were confiscated by the Soviet Government, and not only this, but this company was also banned from making Motorcycles and Cars, but despite this, they did not give up. They started making many things like kitchen items and bicycles. However, in 1947, BMW once again obtained permission to manufacture motorcycles and in 1948 launched a model of the R24, although the production of cars was still banned.

Re-Entry of BMW after 1951 –

But this ban was also removed in 1951 and then BMW’s car BMW 501 was launched, although BMW’s tax was very expensive, due to this, until 1954, the main source of BMW’s income was only motorcycles, although after reducing its profit. In 1955, BMW sold a total of 10,000 cars but they were making losses in this strategy.

By 1960, BMW came on the verge of selling, but in 1961, the 1500 model car of BMW was launched, which proved to be very helpful in saving the company and it was well-liked by the people as a sports car.

Even further the company brought very good models of Cars and people also liked to buy Cars in the same way the company touched a new height and later in 1994 bought by the British Rover Group, which at that time also included Land Rover. but this deal was a loss for BMW and then later BMW sold it to the Ford company. In 1998, BMW bought the people and name of Rolls Royce, and in 2003 after the reorganization of Rolls Royce, Rolls Royce was in the ownership of BMW itself. The Rolls Royce Phantom was released.

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Taking into account the strengths of Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki in 2004, BMW launched a sports bike the k1200, and then in 2011, BMW’s sub-brand BMW I was created for the design and manufacturing of electric cars, and by 2016 BMW 50,000 cars of the i3 model have been sold which was a big deal in terms of global sales.

Some important facts about BMW
** BMW was founded in 1916.
** The name of his first car was Dixie.
** BMW owns the Rolls-Royce and MINI brands.
**BMW’s headquarter is built like a four-cylinder engine
** He has built the world’s fastest motorbike.
**BMW is involved in both the aerospace and train industries
** BMW Still Makes Classic Parts
** BMW’s storied M1 supercar was to be manufactured by Lamborghini.
** BMW made its first electric car in 1972.
** BMW Z1 doors were the best of any production car.
So, friends, this was the BMW success story, whose journey was full of ups and downs, but friends, know one thing, as hard as the struggle The victory would be just as great.

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