Rolls Royce Vs Indian King moral story

History is witness that India has been the father of the whole world in terms of civilization, culture, knowledge, and fame. Talking about fame, the kings of India used to beat the British in terms of luxury. Be it diamonds, gems or expensive vehicles, the kings of India were second to none in showcasing their wealth.

One such king was Maharaja Jai ​​Singh Prabhakar. When Maharaja Jai ​​Singh Prabhakar of Alwar showed his pride to the luxury vehicle maker Rolls Royals, they all fell on their knees in front of the Maharaja. Maharaja Jai ​​Singh had forced the entire Rolls Royals company to fall on its knees.

Let’s know why Maharaja Jai ​​Singh had to do this:

The story dates back to 1920 when Maharaja Jai ​​Singh was spending his time in England, away from India. He used to roam India in a golden chariot accompanied by soldiers dressed in royal clothes.
But in London, he was leading a normal life. They were neither dressed nor had dozens of servants with them, nor any guards or soldiers.
Being an ordinary person, he used to mingle with the people of London and roam the streets of London. One day while walking the streets of London, he saw a Rolls Royce showroom on the side of the road. It is believed that Raja Jai ​​Singh was very fond of luxury vehicles.

In such a situation, when his eyes fell on the shining Rolls Royce standing in the showroom, he made up his mind to take Rolls Royce.
Raja Jai ​​Singh was so desperate to get his favorite Rolls Royce that he entered the showroom. As soon as he reached the showroom, his eyes fell on the vehicle that had caught his attention. Raja Jai ​​Singh went to the salesman standing there to know the features and price of that vehicle and started asking. The salesman looked strangely at Raja Jai ​​Singh’s simple demeanor. The salesman thought it was some poor Indian. The salesman immediately refused to tell anything about the car to Raja Jai ​​Singh. And an even angry voice started showing him the way out. It is said that despite being so friendly in this way, Raja Jai ​​Singh held his anger and did not say anything as he wanted to avenge his humiliation by breaking his pride.

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Rolls Royce vs. Maharaja Jai Singh Prabhakar story in Hindi

Thus he left without saying anything. Keeping his anger under control, Raja Jai ​​Singh went straight to his hotel. As he reached the hotel, he was very angry and was thinking, again and again, these people do not know how to respect a common man. These people give respect to man only by good behavior and fame, that too for his meaning. In this way, these people would be insulting every common man who visits his showroom. These people consider themselves very high. They have to learn a lesson.

Thinking so, the king is now once again ahead as his king as he was in India. After this, Raja Jai ​​Singh immediately informed that Maharaj Jai Singh of Alwar had come to see the vehicles in his showroom.

Then what was the red carpet was laid from inside the showroom to outside to welcome them. And the whole Rolls Royce stood in his honor. After reaching there, Raja Jai ​​Singh ordered to buy 7 Rolls Royce directly. He paid these seven Rolls Royce money in cash at the same time. The entire Rolls Royce people were left open eyes after seeing Raja Jai ​​Singh buying 7 Rolls Royces. Not only this – he asked to take all these purchased vehicles directly to his palace in India. Along with this, he also asked the salesman who had tried his best to come along. Saying this he immediately left for his palace in India.

The real game of the Maharaja was yet to come. Here as soon as the vehicles reached the palace of Raja Jai ​​Singh, the king ordered all those vehicles to be given to the municipality and also said that the city’s garbage would be cleaned from these vehicles. On hearing this, the ground slipped from under the feet of the salesman standing in front. As soon as the work of lifting the city’s garbage with these vehicles was started, then on seeing this thing reached London like wildfire. When people came to know about this in London, the name Rolls Royce came into their eyes.

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People in London used to take great pride in buying Rolls Royce, but when people came to know about these luxury vehicles that were taking out the city’s garbage, then people stopped taking interest in those vehicles. He now started treating her as a minor. This had a very bad effect on the sales of the company.
When the garbage was full, the color of the mouth of the British used to fly away. Seeing this condition of Raja Jai ​​Singh, the salesman also understood that he had screwed up the wrong place.
Not only was he now realizing his mistake, but his pride was also broken.
On the other hand, Raja Jai ​​Singh was enjoying. Here the company was facing huge losses day by day. When the company could not save its reputation, a letter came to him from the company, in which Rolls-Royce apologized to him and asked him to stop collecting garbage from these luxury vehicles in London.

They gifted 6 New Rolls Royce and that too for free. The Maharaja’s job was done, so he forgave the company and stopped collecting waste from these vehicles.

Moral Story of Rolls Royce and Maharaja Jai Singh:

So friends, Maharaja Jai ​​Singh not only taught them a lesson by doing this but through this work he gave this message to the whole world that no person should come by his dress. Because of a small mistake, such a big company had to see so many bad days.