How to find suitable match for yourself ?

Hey guys! Wedding season is now at its peak. Today in this Article I’ll tell you about how to find a suitable life partner.

In Today’s world, it’s very difficult to find a perfect spouse. it is the decision of your life. because you both enter into each other’s life. so the decision is very difficult. you have to marry a person with whom you are comfortable in every aspect of life.

There are so many factors that affect marriage, Like caste, religion, community, and profession. If you are in deep love then all these factors don’t matter (it’s an exception), so I hope this article will help you to take a better decision.

So I’ll define three main points for both boys and girls (groom and bride)

  1. If you are a groom what should be your perspective about the bride: Every boy has their own choices and expectations. but in the case of a life partner, the decision is tough. a loving and caring girl is not hard to find. it is just a matter of understanding. it is the duty and responsibility of either boy or girl to care for each other. and it is normal in love. and loyalty is also important. if your partner is loyal and motivates you in every task you do then it is easy to achieve your goals in life. then it doesn’t matter what type of goals you have health or wealth, freedom or other family goals. so if you are in love and want to marry your girl some things should be clear. sometimes girls don’t want to live in a joint family and, commonly, you are not marrying the girl in your community. because she may not comfortable with the traditions and language or lifestyle your family is living. so be clear about it. in the case of arranged marriage, this is not a problem. and girl should know about your financial condition. so she must be prepared about the management of expenses or whether she can decide to do the job or separate business for the contribution to the family expenses. this makes life easy and more meaningful.
  2. If you are a bride then your perspective about the groom should be: Girls are more sensitive and more emotional about marriage. it’s not easy to move from one house to another. life of a girl completely changes after the marriage it is starting of new life. so it also depends upon the boy she is going to marry. Girls also have some expectations and goals in their life. Girls also have the right to clear things before marriage. there may be some conditions also. They have to manage everything in-house. From kitchen to job. kids to parents. management of all this is very difficult. being a boy I cannot multitask. but girls can perfectly multitask. so every boy should have to assure his future girl that if she can compromise her freedom, house, parents, and most important her goals and passion, they are also available to help in the pursuit of all this, especially passion. I saw many girls saying that they had a passion for Fashion, Modeling, Engineering, Doctor, Teacher, and Lawyer but after marriage, all of this was gone. but girls also have their rights and this should be clear that if she wants to pursue her career then she can step forward.
  3. Parent’s Perspective: Parents are involved in marriage, especially in India. whether it is arranged marriage or love marriage, Consent and permission of parents is a must. because they raised us and our first teacher. I also think that kids are always like their parents. There are some of the qualities whether it is of mom or dad, you can find in the kids. so it is also our duty and responsibility of us to talk with our parents before taking the most important decision in our life. But all parents are not the same. they always think best for their child, but sometimes a way of that caring becomes tense for the kids. Children feel that their life is not in their control it is all in the hands of their parents. Parents are of three types:
  • Authoritative Parents: Parents have control over the life of a child. they limit the life of their kids. but control can be up to an age limit. but some parents think that their child always remains a child. they didn’t give freedom to them. in this situation, the child can also put a step that is against society. so it is my advice for authoritative parents that a child is a child up to an age limit. whenever you think that they are now able to take decisions leave them on their own and let them take their decision. because life is not the same for everyone and you have no right to control someone’s life. for decisions like marriage, parents have to cooperate with them. they should ask them if there is already a girl or boy in their life, if it is then they have talked about that, and if it is not they have to ask them if he/she is ready for marriage and what type of girl or boy they want.
  • Communicative Parents: So it is very good to cooperate with your child and their decisions but it is not good to give a lecture to the kids. it can sometimes demotivate them. But good communication with the child can make their life. Parents should talk about marriage and discuss it deeply. because a new person is going to be part of their life. Communication is important. Giving suggestions and taking advice is part of life.
  • Mutually agreed: Sometimes parents come together for a decision. For the marriage decision, parents should agree because their life is going to be changed also. every task and management before marriage must be with the consent of the parents. a child can also take help from their parents about what type of girl or boy suits them. because sometimes parents know their children better than themself.
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So the involvement of parents in marriages is necessary. because they had spent their whole life in relationships and all. they understand it better. so before you choose a girl or boy at least once talk to your parents once. then it will be easy.

Friends also plays important role in your life. a friend knows better than the spouse. so if you find it difficult to decide on marriage, then a 10-minute conversation with your friend can be priceless. your best friend can also give you the best advice in case of wedding decisions. because he/she spends more time with us than our parents or relatives and understands us more better.

I hope this article will help you a little. Thanks for Reading.