Micromax Co-Founder Rahul Sharma’s Real-Life Inspirational Success Story

In today’s article, we are going to tell you the success story of Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma. Rahul Sharma has overcome poverty through hard work day and night in his life and achieved the heights of life that everyone dreams of reaching. Let’s now know in detail about the real-life inspirational success story of Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma.

Rahul Sharma’s early and personal life

Rahul Sharma was born on 5 January 1979 in Mehrauli, Delhi. His father was a schoolteacher. He completed his early education in Nagpur. He then obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the “University of Saskatchewan” and a Mechanical Engineer degree from “Nagpur University”. His father had gifted him a computer in his childhood, and since then he was inclined toward technology.
After completing his education, he started working in a construction company but left the job after some time. After that in the year 2000, Rahul Sharma along with his 3 associates started a company named Micromax Software which sold computers, software, and fixed wireless PCOs. Eventually, his hard work paid off and Nokia became a partner of Micromax.

The story of Rahul Sharma, who launched Micromax Mobile

Rahul Sharma’s Micromax software company was doing well when a new turning point came in his life. In the year 2007, he went to the village of Baharampur in West Bengal where he saw that due to a power shortage in the village, the owner of the PCO had to run the PCO from the battery of the truck. That battery lasts for 12 hours every night. PCO owner had to tie the battery on a bicycle and take it for charging for 12 kilometers. After this, there was a line of callers outside his PCO for the whole day, due to which the PCO owner used to earn a lot. This is where Rahul Sharma’s plan to launch a cheap mobile with good battery backup came to his mind along with his other colleagues and this is where the story of Micromax Mobile began.

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Story of Rahul Sharma’s journey so far with his colleagues at Micromax Mobile

Rahul Sharma along with his associates launched Micromax company’s first mobile phone “The Xtreme” in India with a one-month battery backup for just Rs 2150 and you won’t believe it is in only 10 days in rural areas of the country, Micromax’s first batch of 10,000 mobiles was sold without any advertisements. This gave Micromax a new direction – Know and meet the customer needs. Micromax then started manufacturing and selling dual sim handsets, universal remote control phones, affordable smartphones, tablets, and LED TVs and their products are much cheaper than other companies sold in the market.

The story related to the contribution of Rahul Sharma in making Micromax Mobile recognized in India

Rahul Sharma has made a very important contribution to making Micromax Mobile’s identity in India. He first took the help of China to make himself big. Initially, Micromax Mobile started launching low-priced and good-quality phones in the Indian market like Chinese companies. People initially thought of it as a Chinese company, but still, Micromax made both its status and business in the Indian market.

Other facts about Rahul Sharma

• Rahul Sharma considers his father as his role model.
• He married Bollywood actress Asin on 19 January 2016.
• In the year 2014, he was included in the list of businessmen under 40 in Forbes magazine.

I hope you like our Micromax Co-Founder Rahul Sharma’s inspirational success story.