For the happiness of the son, a mother gave him the freedom to die, but this story became an example for the world.

No mother can see her son being put to death. Even before that injustice of nature, that mother had broken for the happiness of her son, but could not give him the freedom of her life. Although his son was hopeful that the mother would not stop him from doing so. Recalling that day, she says, “When I refused, he said in a sad voice that mother, “I thought I would get your first support.” The mother could not refuse this wish of the son again and then Her husband also agreed.

Terry fox contribution to cancer research

This story is about a Canadian athlete who was battling rare bone cancer at the age of just 18. It would be more correct to call him a hero than an athlete because he ran 5373 km despite having no legs. In 2000, on the 20th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope (a cross-country race to raise donations for cancer research), the Terry Fox Foundation donated $20 million. For this noble cause, this organization has so far given $ 600 million in the name of Terry. People from more than 60 countries have participated in this race held every year under this foundation and are with them even after Terry’s death. Today, this institute has the distinction of giving the highest amount given for cancer research in a single day. Yep, it’s another matter that Terry is no longer here to see it all.

It would be more appropriate to call Terry Fox an inspiration to cancer victims around the world than a Canadian star athlete. His dream was to do something before he died so that people could be saved from the disease (Rare Bone Cancer) which gave him the bitterest taste of life at the young age of just 18 years. In this, they were also successful.

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The dream of running 8,530 km (5,300 miles) and collecting crores of rupees for cancer research, despite having no legs, can only be called a daredevil. Fox could not fulfill his dream of running so many miles, he could run only 5300 km but people saluted his spirit. Inspired by Fox fighting in the hospital, everyone helped collect more donations than expected, and perhaps for the first time in Canada, $24.17 million was donated to cancer research.

Terry Fox was born in 1958 in Winnipeg but later his family shifted to Port Coquitlam. Fox was interested in sports since childhood but wanted to become a basketball player but he played basketball very badly. All credit for going cross-country goes to his school’s sports teacher, who encouraged Fox to try running. Fox was not interested in it, yet he tried it on the advice of the teacher. He did well in it and the coach was very impressed with him.

Fox and a friend, Doug Alward, also jointly received the Athlete of the Year award for their high performance in their final year at Port Coquitlam Secondary School. After school, Fox went to Simon Fraser University to study physical education. He wanted to become a physical education teacher, but before that, in 1977 he suddenly developed knee pain and doctors diagnosed him with a rare bone cancer called ‘osteogenic sarcoma’.

A Marathon of Hope | The Terry Fox Story | Terry Fox Run | Biography of Terry Fox

He had to stay in the hospital for 16 months. He considers those 16 months with chemotherapy and radiation the worst days of his life. After the operation, his right leg was 6 inches above the knee and now he had to stay that way. Yet Fox didn’t want to forget it because those days gave him a new purpose ahead. During his treatment at a cancer hospital, Fox discovered that people knew very little about cancer and that little money was spent on research. Fox wanted to do something with the aim of raising awareness and inspiring people to donate. to research, and he accomplished it by playing on his life.

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Terry wanted people to raise awareness of cancer research and people should be given financial help to increase research on it. In Canada, he organized a cross-country marathon race for the same purpose. Although it was not easy, through this they wanted to inspire each of Canada’s 24 million citizens to donate at least one dollar to cancer research.

While in a wheelchair after the operation, he also participated in wheelchair basketball. It was only after this that he started preparing himself for it by preparing all the concepts of the race. When he initially resumed running training, his family had no idea of ​​Fox’s future purpose. Fox told him he was training for the Vancouver Marathon. When the family was told later, Fox’s mother was unprepared because the race could endanger his life. Fox then became emotional and told Mom (Batty) in a sad tone that he expected Mom to get his first support. Betty succumbed to her son’s wishes and agreed to run in the marathon.

Recalling the early days of training, Fox says it was very tough. Several times he fell on the ground, and could not even stand, but finally after a year of training and running 4800 km, told the family the plan ahead.

The race started on 12 April 1980. Fox ran 42 kilometers every day. But after walking 5373 km for 143 days, suddenly due to lung cancer, it had to be stopped midway. Cancer had spread to his lungs and he was admitted to the hospital. News of Fox’s cancer had already spread in Canada and raised $24.17 million in funding. It was nothing short of a victory for Fox, but even after that, he could not last more than 10 months. Fox died on 28 June 1981, but remains the youngest winner of the Order of Canada in Canada.

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A month and a half after Fox’s death, the race was held again and one million was collected. The Terry Fox Foundation was established in 1988 with the aim of promoting cancer research. A fundraising race is organized every year through this. With its help, 1100 cancer projects have been helped in Canada so far.

I hope you find this story of Terry fox is really an inspiration, Thanks for reading.