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KFC Business Success Story is a motivational story by Colonel Sanders, which will surely fill you up with enthusiasm, and will become a source of inspiration for your success. Whenever we start any of our businesses, success does not come easily, we get success by overcoming many ups and downs. Whenever a problem arises, instead of holding back, face the problem, learn and move on.

Success stories of successful people inspire us. This Motivational Story “KFC Business Success Story” proves that with hard work, belief, and passion, success can be found in any business field.
Listening to the story of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC ‘Business Success Story, we will be convinced that everything is possible.

Today KFC has become a well-known name in the world, today KFC’s name is number one in terms of fried chicken. The story of Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC i.e. Kentucky Fried Chicken, is full of struggle, his story proves that no matter how many failures come, those who want to succeed do not give up on failures and move on. Colonel Harland Sanders was a man who struggled all his life and success kissed his feet at the age of 65. A Big Struggle A Big Success Story.

Birth and Responsibility

Colonel Sanders was born on September 9, 1890, in America to a very poor family. He was the eldest of three siblings. When he was only 5 years old, his father died. The burden of the whole family fell on his shoulders. He was young and when he could not find any work, his mother started working in a tomato company. Sanders was responsible for all the household chores, taking care of the siblings, and cooking. He loved cooking and became proficient in it in 3 years.
After a few years, his mother remarried, but his stepfather did not like these children and used to beat him up on some day or the other. When Sanders was older, he was subjected to the most atrocities.

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The beginning of the struggle KFC

Frustrated, Sanders ran away from home, after several days of hunger and thirst, he started working on a farm, but after working hard, he was barely able to make ends meet. He left that job, there were many problems, and he also had to starve. He kept doing small things, he was very hardworking, and even at the age of 11, he worked hard. When he turned 15, he became a bus conductor, working for 1 year. At the age of 16, he enlisted in the US Army.
When he was 18, he married Josephine King, and at the age of 19, he became the father of the first child.the

The cycle of failure period failure

After serving for 6 years in the US Army, when he completed his term, at the age of 22, he worked as a blacksmith. Even after that he did a small job but did not get success. Sanders took a job as a fireman at the Illinois Central Railroad. For a few years he lived happily with his family, but Sanders probably stayed at the age of 36, a job battle broke out and they lost their jobs. In the financial crisis, the wife also did not support and left Sanders. At the age of 40, he changed many jobs, but he did not get any success. After this many businesses were also done but did not succeed.

Opening a restaurant

Sanders moved to Cardin, Kentucky, and opened a service station, but with no success. After that, he opened the work of Pan Fried Chicken, in which he was a specialist. People started liking their handmade fried chicken. Keep working on your recipe. After 11 years of hard work, he perfected his pan-fried chicken recipe with 11 herbs and spices.

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Colonel’s title to KFC Founder

Through hard work and passion, Sanders became famous for his pan-fried chicken. The governor of Kentucky liked the fried chicken he cooked and gave Sanders, 45, the title of colonel.

KFC in debt

His restaurant was on the road leading to Florida and this was one of the main reasons for running the restaurant, as many travelers would pass through that road to come to his restaurant. But the trouble was not taking the name of leaving them behind. In 1950, when he was about 65 years old, a new highway was built to Florida, causing Sanders’ restaurant to cease operations, as people began moving to him on the new route. Gradually he got into debt. He had to sell his restaurant. After paying off his debt, he only had $105 left.

KFC Debut

After working hard all his life, at the age of 65, he could not bear the failure and made up his mind to commit suicide. That’s when he realized that there was still a lot to be done. Seeing their courage, his pan started avoiding fried chicken alley and soon his work increased. Soon they decided to sell the franchise under the name Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Today KFC has many franchises in the country and abroad. Colonel Sanders became a successful businessman at the age of 88. It was the world’s first restaurant chain. Today KFC has many hotels and restaurants around the world.
In 1964, Colonel Sanders sold KFC to an American company for $2 million. Colonel Sanders died of leukemia on 16 December 1980. He is still alive in the hearts of people through KFC.

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