Billionaire Barber Ramesh Babu Success Story

Hello friends, through today’s article, we are going to tell you the success story of hairdresser Ramesh Babu, which is the true story of a person who has worked hard on the basis of his honesty, and hard work. humility and foresight. Today he has become the owner of property worth billions of rupees and is continuously moving forward.

hairdresser Ramesh babu’s success story

Barber Ramesh Babu was born into an extremely poor family in Mangalore, Karnataka state. His father had a small barber shop which was the only source of income to run the household expenses. The father died when he was at the age of 7, leaving the family troubled suddenly. Her mother took up the work of washing dishes, cleaning, and cooking in other people’s homes to run the household and feed the children, and her husband’s barbershop was given to the husband’s brother for the day-to-day work. He was given rent for Rs. 5. Even after this, his family was getting only one meal at a time. When he grew up a little, he started doing small tasks like supplying milk and distributing newspapers at home along with studies to help his mother. While working in the same way, he passed the 10th class.

Barber Ramesh Babu was studying in class 11th after passing 10th when his uncle got lured by the shop and refused to give his mother 5 rupees per day for running the shop. After this, despite his mother’s refusal, he decided to take over his father’s shop along with his studies. Then after passing 12th in the year 1989, he changed the name of his father’s barbershop to Inner Space. He invested some money from the family deposit and took two boys with him to work. He himself took a haircutting course and started cutting hair on his own. At that time, he became famous among the people by the name of barber because of his different types of hair cut by him. Eventually, with his hard work day and night started running the shop and also started saving for the family.

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Story of starting a travel company by hairdresser Ramesh Babu

Barber Ramesh Babu rented a Maruti Omni in the year 1993 from his savings and a bank loan, but the monthly installment of Rs 6800 on the car became a nightmare for him, then on someone’s advice, he decided to rent his car. And from here his Ramesh Tour and Travels company started. After that, he gradually started increasing his work and by the year 2004 he bought 7 more vehicles for his company, but he had a big problem that now there was a lot of competition in this business due to which he could not get much profit.

Ramesh Babu Success Story in Hindi | Ramesh Babu Biography | The Billionaire Barber

The Story of Risk Taking in Your Business by Barber Ramesh Babu

Barber Ramesh Babu bought a luxury Mercedes Benz car to enter the luxury car segment by taking a loan of Rs 42 lakh from the bank to further his business, which was a very risky thing in business but his claim was lost. And big companies and customers started renting cars from them because no other travel company had the such car at that time. After this, he gradually added hundreds of luxury cars like Rolls Royce, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes to his company’s fleet. Gradually, he continued to climb to the heights of success and the head office of his company was opened in Mangalore and also in Chennai and Delhi. He now plans to expand the company to more cities as well.

Other Important Facts about Barber Ramesh Babu

• Barber Ramesh Babu is married and has 3 children.
• The net worth of hairdresser Ramesh Babu is 2 billion dollars.
• Barber Ramesh Babu bought his dream car Rolls Royce in the year 2011.
• Barber Ramesh Babu has also gone to Singapore to learn hair-cutting courses for women.
• Barber Ramesh Babu still cuts people’s hair at his father’s Inner Space shop at normal prices and now people call him Billionaire Barber.

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I hope you like the story of Billionaire Barber Ramesh Babu, Thanks for Reading.