Darjeeling, Gangtok, Sikkim Trip Plan, I bet you will never regret planning this trip

Hello friends, Today I will take you for a walk in this article about one of the most beautiful places, Darjeeling, which is in West Bengal. And in the bare of some areas around it. Also known as the “Queen of Hills.” So, first of all, I will tell you brother how is it to reach Darjeeling. So friends, if you live near Darjeeling, you can go by bus or your car or taxi. But if you are 800 or 2000 km away then you can go by train or flight.

Darjeeling food

So, we went by The Flight. If you book a ticket 8 weeks or 2 months in advance, then you will get 4k-6k one way and 8k-9k for a round trip. Hotels change prices from time to time. But if you want to go by train, then the train from Delhi will get a ticket in the AC compartment for 2k-3k.

So for this, we have to take a flight to Bagdogra Airport, but if you want to go by train, then you have to take a ticket to Siliguri Junction. which is nearby. Darjeeling is found on the border of West Bengal and Sikkim. Friends, if you are planning a tour of Darjeeling, then there cannot be a better tour in India than this. You can also plan this hill station with your friend’s family or for your honeymoon.

gangtok mg marg

Today I will tell you about a tour plan of 7-8 days of Darjeeling tour, then let’s go and tell you that you can keep your budget along with taking big of the tour.

How to plan Darjeeling Trip for 6N/7D

After landing at Siliguri or Bagdogra airport, you can take a cab or bus. I would suggest you visit Gangtok first. From there you will get about 4 hours (122 km). It would be better if you take a taxi. we booked a self-drive car. Which we got by paying 6000 security on 10000 rent for 6 days. if you have a problem driving in a hilly area then I’ll not suggest a self-driving car, because driving in Himachal or other hilly areas is very different from Darjeeling. Darjeeling needs expert drivers, because of the tight roads and even you can’t even judge single ways. Yes if you can’t drive then there would be no better and better option than a self-driving car. You will get a taxi up to 2000-2500 and can also bargain.

The people of the whole of West Bengal and Sikkim are very helpful and innocent, don’t worry you will be safe even at the night. After reaching Gangtok, first of all, you should arrange a hotel. And you will easily get a very nice and better view hotel in 1000-2000. You can also book online but I believe you can go there and get the hotel of your choice better, Very easy to get. After rest, for a while, you can travel on the M.G. Marg route. It is fun to visit MG Marg only at night. And yes you will find hotels nearby as on MG Marg. And you will find many good restaurants for dinner. The quality of the food there is also very good. You will find food of your choice and you can get it if you want to try the traditional.

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Nathula Pass, Changu Lake

changu lake
Changu lake

After roaming MG Marg you can come back to the hotel. And remember one thing for sure you have to go the next day, on a big adventure. Nathula Pass, Changu Lake, and it are not found to go white above because the roads get blocked due to snow jams. For this, you will have to take a permit which you can arrange by speaking to any travel agent near MG Marg. But for this, you have to book in advance. I would suggest you book an Innova car. Because it is budgeted and comfortable too. You may get in 1500-2000 per person. Booking will be available for Nathula Pass and Changu Lake. And the permit will also be arranged. For this, you will have to provide a passport-size photo and an ID. The next day your car will reach as nearly 10 o’clock. And stopping along the way, you will also get food and a warm jacket and shoes to walk in the snow. But the food will get a little expensive because it is high enough. Will be able to go up to an altitude of 4300 meters. Enjoy the cold and snow up there, Locations are very beautiful there, the army is always there because it is the indo-Nepal border.

indo nepal border
Indo-Nepal Border

You can come back at 4-5 pm. And you can roam around the market and also do shopping. Enjoy the next day you can at local places. Every Location is not far, just around 15-20 km. You will find very good local sightseeing places. Such as the Seven Queen Water Falls Tashi View Point and the nearby tea gardens of Monastery Aura.

Heading Towards Darjeeling

After enjoying Gangtok, with friends, you can directly go to Darjeeling. And if you leave early in the morning, then you will also get a chance to do sightseeing on the way location is Kalimpong. Friends, you will enjoy very nice locations on the way. Which I would say is one of the best locations in India. you can also stay there for one day if you want to. The best lush green sightseeing in India is Kalimpong.

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If you are from North India, then it is important to tell you that there the sunset becomes early. when we reach there and came to know that everyone leaves at 8 o’clock and gets up early at 3-4 a.m. What do you have to keep in mind?

We reach Darjeeling, you will start feeling a lot. And you will enjoy a beautiful road trip. There, too, the hotel property is not much costly. Will be found in the normal range only. The next day your tour of Darjeeling will start. If you want to see the Sunrise point then pick you up at 2-3 am and before 4 am at sunrise point where you will find the morning rush. You can book your cab a day in advance. From Sun Rise Point, you can come back, relax and go straight for a ride on the toy train. For this also you have to know the train timings.

Darjeeling Toy Train (Joy ride)

The fun of the joy ride is also different. You must have enjoyed the toy train with Shed Shimla. But the best part is the toy train journey to Darjeeling. You will be offered two types of tickets, Steam and Diesel. Not much difference. If you have a problem with diesel, you can take a steam ticket, just a little henna. Your train will cross the roads and go through the middle of the vehicles. Also, there is a ticket master. And this train will take you from Darjeeling to Ghoom and after landing in Ghum, you will be given rest for a while there is also a toy train’s music and history will also be found. You will find something to eat around. But will not get much time.

joy ride toy train darjeeling
Toy Train Station Ghoom (Joy Ride)

The same train will also come back. From Ghoom the train comes back to Darjeeling around within 5-6 hours. You can come back directly to the hotel or have dinner outside. You will get good food too.

Next day you will get to see the local view. In Chowk Bazar, you will find a lot. There is also a mall which you can visit. There is a very good market for shopping. You just have to keep one thing in mind. When you go to the market, just go the walk, because roads and ways are too tight in Darjeeling. There you will also find special packets of tea which you can bring for your family and friends.

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On the same day, you can visit a library, hill climbing games, and a monastery.

And a very old tea factory. Joe is a model. Who will show you the tea factory with a ticket of around Rs 100 and tell you the whole process barefoot. One can also enjoy the Observatory Hill viewpoint in Darjeeling and do a lot of tea gardens. And you can also interact with local people. After enjoying Darjeeling you have to go back and, you will get a very amazing road trip. There will be fog and natural trees greenery and roads without traffic on the road. Your journey will be very romantic. From Darjeeling, you have to go now to Mirik. Along the way, one can stop on a lot of amazing sightseeing tours.

Your journey will be of 2 hours. You will find a very good location in Mirik, you will also get traditional clothes and many other things on the same. You can enjoy a full day in Mirik. Tingling viewpoint. The view of the lake and the view of helipad is amazing. You will also get a chance to do jungle treks. If you go to the helipad by shortcut.


The destination of your airport is not very far from Mirik. You can take a taxi or bus from Mirik to Bagdogra or Siliguri in one and a half an hour. from Bagdogra or Siliguri you can go back to your home by plane or train whatever ticket you booked I claim that if you go on planning a tour like this, then it is going to be a lot of fun. You can create your tour without any hassle with complete planning. You have to go without a puzzle in the middle of the tour and where not.

Roads in Tea Gardens
Tea Gardens and roads

We keep telling you about such amazing tours. I bet you will never regret the trip to Darjeeling. do let us know in the comments if you have any questions in you mind?

Hope you like this article, Thanks for reading it.

For more information visit https://wbtourism.gov.in/