Top 10 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas Holidays in India

If you are also planning to go somewhere for fun and frolic at Christmas, then you must go to these places to celebrate the holidays.

The month of December brings a celebration in itself. As soon as time passes in December, preparations for the Christmas celebration begin. Although it is mainly a time to celebrate the festival of Christians, people of all religions celebrate it with great enthusiasm all over the world including India. On this happy occasion, there are many people who like to celebrate Christmas in new places. If you also want to visit some new places during the Christmas holidays and want to make Christmas memorable, then you must visit these places. Surely you will get to see a different form of Christmas celebration at these places. Let us know about some of the best such places.


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To celebrate Christmas, Goa is the first state or place that is talked about. Celebrating Christmas in Goa is a different fun between beach and nightlife. Thousands of tourists start arriving here a day or two before Christmas to celebrate Christmas. A different brightness is seen here on the day of Christmas. It is said that people of all ages, especially children, sing Christmas carols till late at night in the churches here.


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Neighboring state Goa Mumbai is also no less in the matter of Christmas celebration. While a crowd of common people is seen in the churches, many film personalities will also be seen celebrating Christmas. If you are looking for the best place to spend the Christmas holidays in Mumbai too, then you should head to Bandra. This place along with the church is worth visiting during Christmas. Compared to other places, a huge crowd of tourists can be seen here on Christmas day.

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If you don’t go to the Northeast of India thinking that Christmas is not celebrated with much gusto, then you are wrong. Christmas in Sikkim is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Many fun activities are organized on this day in the Northeast as well as in Sikkim. It is said that Christmas activities in Sikkim start a day or two before and continue till late at night on Christmas day.


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If the name of a state in South India is taken to celebrate Christmas and visit, then the name of Chennai is taken first. It is said that on the day of Christmas, a wonderful mixture of Christmas party and spirituality is seen here. It is also said about Chennai that on Christmas day, small groups playing music convey the message of the birth of Jesus Christ to the people. Many events are also organized on the beach of Chennai on the day of Christmas evening.


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Manali is Beautiful and full of snow in December. If you are planning for the holiday then there is no better place than Manali. People here can enjoy Manali and nearby places for fun. especially the market in Manali is worth visiting at night.


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This wonderful north-eastern city of Meghalaya, Shillong has a sizeable population of Christians, who celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ with great enthusiasm. and makes Shillong a picturesque place to celebrate Christmas in North-East India. Shillong celebrates Christmas with enthusiasm just like any other city in India and comes across as one of the best Christmas getaways in India. On Christmas the streets, churches, and houses of Shillong are beautifully decorated, the excitement can be felt in the air of Shillong. Shillong offers a host of fun and engaging activities during the festive season of Christmas. And the beauty of the region and the variety of local food make for a memorable Christmas experience. Shillong is undoubtedly one of the best places to spend the Christmas holidays in India.

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Known as a colonial bastion, Kolkata has a strange relationship with Christmas. Light and sound shows, rock band performances, spectacular decorations, and huge discounts on merchandise are the major attractions of Christmas in Kolkata, making it one of the best places in India to celebrate Christmas. So if you too are planning to go somewhere during the Christmas holidays, then let us tell you that Kolkata is one of the best places to spend the Christmas holidays in India.


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Bangalore has a rich cultural past and a fascinating Christian heritage. It has many beautiful churches, especially in the central part of the city, many of which were built by Europeans. Bangalore is known for its British or French influence and its unique traditions for the celebration of Christmas in India. St. Patrick’s Church on Brigade Road in Bangalore and All Saints Church in Hosur are prominent churches that are beautifully decorated during Christmas. Bangalore is one of the most attractive places in India to celebrate the Christmas holidays, celebrating Christmas in Bangalore can be a fascinating experience for you.

Shimla and Kufri

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Shimla and Kufri are the two best places nearby to each other. Celebration of Christmas at Kufri is also a good adventure. In Shimla Lights of Market at night are awesome if you want to spend 3-4 days then the best place is Shimla and Kufri.


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There are a lot of people living in Kerala and the majority of religion is Christian. here people celebrate Christmas full of spirit and there are many games and functions organized by the societies and groups of people.

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Christmas in Rajasthan

In some cities of Rajasthan Christmas is also celebrated. you can also visit Rajasthan’s Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jaiselmer for fun because there is too much heat in summer so winter is also the best option to visit Rajasthan.

So friends these are the places you can visit in India to Celebrate Christmas Holidays. If you like this article, do let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading this article.