Baba Harbhajan Singh A martyred soldier, who is still serving the country | Gangtok | Nathu La Pass

A soul serving the nation

India is a country of religious faith. Here in every village and city, you will get to hear such a story, which is very difficult to believe, but these incidents are absolutely true. One such incident was related to a soldier of our Indian Army. So before I tell about the story of Baba Harbhajan Singh Let’s know where is Temple of Baba Harbhajan Singh is and How to reach there.

I personally visited Nathu la and the temple of Baba Harbhajan Singh. Such an incredible experience visiting there. If you ever go to Sikkim then must visit Nathu la, you will never regret visiting this place.

How to reach Nathu La

To reach Nathu la pass you have to register yourself with the local authority, they will issue a pass and no private vehicles are allowed only those vehicles are allowed those have permits. The distance Between Gangtok to Nathu la pass is about 53 km, and about 2 hours to travel. altitude is 4310 m. above sea level. It is Located at Indo-China Border at an altitude of 14100 feet above sea level.

Nathu La Pass Sikkim

Instructions to Visit Nathu La

Wear Warm clothes and gloves.

You must be physically fit to visit Nathu la pass

You will feel a low oxygen level as you go up.

Carry essentials and a first aid kit with you.

Children are not advisable to accompany you.

Mobile Services may not available above

Permits are compulsory as authorities must verify them when you enter through the check-post.

For more information Visit

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Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple

Today we are talking about the martyr of such an Indian soldier who is still protecting the borders of India. His name is Captain Baba Harbhajan Singh. Born on 30 August 1946, Baba Harbhajan Singh was recruited as a soldier in the Punjab Regiment of the Indian Army on 9 February 1966. In 1968, he was serving in East Sikkim with the 23rd Punjab Regiment. On 4 October 1968, while leading a mule convoy near Nathu La in East Sikkim, he slipped and died.

Temple Baba Harbhajan Singh

There is a fast river in this valley, and due to the flow of water, his dead body had gone about 2 kilometers away. The same night one of his companions came in a dream and told about his dead body and narrated the whole incident.

In such a situation, the Indian Army searched the place and his body was found exactly at the place where he had told. He had expressed his desire to his companion in the dream that his tomb should be built at that place. In such a way, fulfilling the demand of his wish, the Indian Army built a mausoleum (Temple) there. Slowly some miracles started happening here. A man was often seen riding a horse guarding the people in the vicinity who disappeared after going some distance. The constable is still on duty in Sikkim.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple

Now people’s faith had started increasing even more because the many people coming to this temple were also getting cured. A water bottle is kept here for them. In such a situation, Baba Harbhajan Singh informs his colleagues about all the activities of China in his dreams.

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Baba Harbhajan Singh’s retirement

It has been 48 years since his death, but even today the soul of Baba Harbhajan Singh is performing his duty in the Indian Army. Baba Harbhajan Singh is also known as Hero of Nathu La.

Indian Army soldiers guard Baba’s temple daily and polish his shoes. They clean their uniforms, and also make their beds. The soldiers posted there to say that there is mud on the cleaned shoes and folds are visible on their beds. Not only India, but the Chinese army also tells things related to Baba’s soul. Chinese soldiers have also confirmed that they patrolled at night on horseback.

Like all Indian soldiers, Baba Harbhajan is also paid a salary every month. Even today Baba’s name is written on the payroll of the army. They are also promoted as per the rules of the army. Now Baba has come from a soldier to the rank of Captain.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Family Photos

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Every year he was given a two-month holiday from 15 September to 15 November and with great reverence, the local people and soldiers carried his uniform, cap, shoes, and the year’s pay in a procession, accompanied by two soldiers, a military Nathula to New Jalpaiguri Railway Station in the car. From there they are brought to Jalandhar (Punjab) by Dibrugarh Amritsar Express.

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Tickets will also be booked in his name on the train. From here the army vehicle will drop them to their village. There everything would be handed over to his mother and then brought back to his samadhi on the same train with the same faith and respect.

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But a few years back this belief was termed as superstition and since then this yatra was stopped. After this, the number of Chinese soldiers started increasing on the border as well, and now a war-like situation has been created.

Indian army soldiers say that there is power in faith and we believe in that power, even if some may call it superstition, but we feel that power here.

I hope you like this article, Thanks for reading it.