Gucci Brand Success Story

People who have a different perspective of seeing the world are successful in extracting themselves from every situation and such people go ahead and write history. Today’s story is about one such person who was born in poverty but his thinking was always rich. On the basis of his rich thinking, that person also made his modest work a famous brand all over the world.

Story of a poor boy – Founder of Gucci Brand

This is the story of a boy named Guccio Gucci born in 1881 in a simple family on the fringes of Florence, Italy. At the age of 23, Guccio Gucci decided to start his own business. He started a leather business in Harnish in 1904 but could not succeed. As a result, the burden of debt piled up on him. Now he has no choice but to work. He turned to London and started working as a porter in a famous hotel.

How the Idea of Making Gucci Came in Mind of Guccio Gucci

It is said that the path on which a person steps, is the same path that leads him to his destination. Guccio Gucci had come to London with the idea of ​​paying off his debts but found his way to success here. The hotel where he worked was visited by such celebrities as Marilyn Monroe and Winston Churchill.

When these famous celebrities used to come to the hotel, this boy used to watch their clothes very carefully. After looking at her dress up for a long time, Guccio Gucci thought of taking it into his business. He thought that even if I work in this hotel for 10 years, I will become a waiter here, but his business can take him far ahead in 10 years.

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The boy returned to the city of Florence in 1921 with this thought. In 1922, the boy started another business. The boy started his business from a small shop. Initially, he used to sell leather goods like riding gear, bags, wedge bags, and suitcases. His business started doing well.\

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The small business he started from his father’s shop turned into a small factory by 1937. It was clear that the demand for that boy’s products was increasing. With the help of the factory, he began mass-producing products such as handbags, reticules, and gloves.

This business had got recognition. His business was known as the Gucci brand He was engaged in expanding his business when a big problem came in front of him. In 1935 Italy was ruled by dictator Mussolini. In Italy living under fascist rule, leather was hard to obtain. Here Guccio Gucci’s entire business was based on leather. There was a problem, but Guccio also had a solution. During this time, he started using silk instead of leather in most of Gucci’s products.

Guccio Gucci said goodbye to this world in 1953 after making his business a big brand, which started from a small place and a small shop. After his death, his sons worked hard on this brand and the dominance of this brand reached Hollywood. Gucci was now becoming popular among Hollywood celebs. There came a time when Gucci’s genius jeans got their name registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is said that these jeans were the most expensive jeans in the world in the 90s and due to this, these jeans of Gucci were successful in making a world record. Later this record was broken by Levis Jeans.

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So guys This is the Story of Famous Brand Gucci. I hope you like this article, Thanks for reading it.