MDH Masala Owner Mahashay Dharampal Gulati Success Story

Today we are sharing with you the story of becoming an example of Masala Wale. This is the story of ‘Mahshay Dharampal Gulati’ (Mr. Dharampal Gulati), who once used to run a tanga to run his household and is today famous as the Masala King ‘King of Spices’. Today MDH Masala made by him is the identity of every household kitchen.

The life of Mr. Dharmapal Gulati includes many spices like ups and downs, struggle, hard work, and then success, which can prove to be a better guide for all of us.

Early Life of Shri Dharampal Gulati

‘Mahshay Dharampal Gulati’ was born on 27 March 1923 in Sialkot, Pakistan in a middle-class family. His father Shri Chunnilal and mother Chanan Devi were religious. Both of them were followers of Arya Samaj. Dharampal’s childhood was spent in Sialkot, where his father had a chili-spice shop, named ‘Mahashiyan Di Hatti’. His father was known in the area as ‘Diggi Mirch Wale’ because of the chilies and spices he made.

Education Of Mahashay Dharampal Gulati

Dharampal’s mind was never engaged in studies. After failing in 5th standard, he broke away from his studies and left school, and sat at home. Before the son left his studies like this, his father was very sad. But later he decided to teach them some craft or skill so that they could at least stand on their own feet.

Starting of Career by Mahashay Dharampal Gulati

First his father sent him to a carpenter to learn woodworking. After learning woodworking there for 8 months, Dharampal stopped going there. His mind was not engaged in that work. Then his father put him to work in a rice factory, then in a garment factory. By the time he was 15, Dharampal had quit several jobs ranging from clothing to hardware. He could not sustain in any work. Eventually, his father made him sit in his shop and he started learning the work of grinding chilies and spices there. As soon as he turned 18, his father got him married and in this way, he fulfilled his every responsibility towards Dharmapala.

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On the other hand, Dharampal also got involved in furthering the chili spice business.

Impact of partition (1947) on Dharampal’s life

Everything was going smoothly that in 1947 the country was partitioned and Sialkot became a part of Pakistan. After the partition of the country, riots broke out in Pakistan, in which many Hindus were killed, many shops were looted and many atrocities were committed against them. In such a situation, the Hindus living there started feeling insecure and had to leave Pakistan overnight. Dharmapala also left Sialkot to come to India. Only dead bodies were lying on the train by which they were coming to India. But somehow they reached Amritsar. After staying there for a day, he took a train and came to his sister’s house in Karol Bagh, Delhi.

The story from Tanga Wale to the king of spices

After coming to Delhi, Dharampal had to start again from zero. He had left Sialkot with Rs 1500 in his pocket. This was his saving grace. From that, he bought a tonga and horse for Rs.650 and became a tonga driver. He used to run a tonga from New Delhi station to Qutub Road and from Karol Bagh to Bada Hindu Rao. But he could not do this work for long. After all, he was a businessman. After running the tonga for two months, he sold the tonga and bought a wooden kiosk with the money, and set up a small shop at Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh. In the same shop, he resumed his ancestral business of spices. He named his shop “Mahshian Di Hatti – Sialkot Wale”.

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Once upon a time, Dharampal, who ran a big shop in Sialkot, started grinding spices and chilies with full effort in that small kiosk (Stall). Slowly his hard work started paying off. As soon as people came to know that this is the same Diggy Mirch Wala from Sialkot, they started coming to his shop to buy spices. Along with this, the quality of the spices made by him was also so good that people’s trust in him increased further. The spices made him became famous due to the advertisements given in the newspapers and his business went on increasing. By 1968, he opened his spices factory in Delhi. After that, his spices started being exported all over India and abroad.

Today his “Mahashiya Di Hatti” MDH is a huge brand. He is the Managing Director and Brand Ambassador of MDH. MDH supplies more than 60 of its products to more than 100 countries around the world. Their top 3 products are- Degagi Mirch, Chaat Masala, and Chana Masala. In the year 2016, the total revenue of his company was Rs 924 crore.

Mr. Dharampal, who used to run a tonga for two annas, is today a billionaire. He has achieved this position today with his hard work, dedication, and full sincerity towards his work. He was an industrialist as well as a social worker. He built many hospitals and schools for the purpose of social service. Mr. Dharampal, popularly known as Masala King, has made a philosophy of his life.

So friends this is the story of MDH Masala company owner Mr. Dharampal Gulati. I hope you like this story, Thanks for reading this article.

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