FirstCry Startup Success Story | Supam Maheshwari Co-Founder FirstCry

Supam Maheshwari is the co-founder of, an online portal based in Pune, Maharashtra. This company sells baby care products online. Supam is a first-generation businessman in his family, after completing his studies he preferred to go straight into business instead of doing jobs like others.

Supam Maheshwari is a dashing businessman known for his solid planning and execution. Supam is an efficient strategist and leader and leads the team well.

Early Life and Education of Supam Maheshwari

After completing his education at APJ High School, Supam earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering in 1991-95. He then completed his post-graduation from IIM Hyderabad in 1995-97.

How FirstCry Started

Supram started a company called Brainvisa Technology before starting FirstCry. Which soon became one of the largest e-learning companies in India. This company serves businesses around the world to solve their problems. In less than 8 years, Supam grew Brainvisa into the world’s largest e-learning solutions company.
Brainvisa has offices in India, the USA, Europe, Australia, etc. He had a huge team of 450 people with experts in the fields of Telecom, Technology, Aviation, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, etc. Supam Maheshwari sold Brainvisa to US-based company Indicom Global in 2007 for $25 million.

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Even after that, Supam remained associated with Brainvisa till 2009. Now he was preparing to start a new venture. While working at Brain Visa, he also became a father to a baby girl. During his business trips to Europe and America, he brought a variety of toys and baby care products for his daughter. The quality of these products can be trusted. But many of these products were not available locally. While searching for these products for her daughter, he realized that there is a huge demand for them in the domestic market, started researching the demand for both domestic and foreign products, and found that the baby care products business in India is worth Rs 50,000 crore. Out of which 95% were offline.

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Meanwhile, the demand for baby care products and the spending power of the people has increased a lot. But it was not easy to make good quality products available to the general public. Now that they had a business model in place, they wanted to be a platform that bridges the gap between quality products and Indian parents.

Supam along with his friend Amitav Sah launched in the year 2010. He raised seed funding of 2.5 crores from his savings.
Today FirstCry has more than 300 outlets in more than 100 cities in India. The company has more than 1200 employees. Today it is the largest online store for kids-related goods in India. FirstCry received the “Most Popular Online Site” award in the year 2013.

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