Origin of G-Mail | a 20% Project

Friends, if you work in an office, then it is very important to use email, that is, electronic mail. Which you can send any message or files to your clients, colleagues, or boss, email is more of a professional type, and there are many websites for ways to email facilities such as outlook or live, rediffmail, yahoo mail, and any other professional email websites. Today we are going to talk about the most used mail, which is Gmail.

Let’s go to Gmail. how and when was it created?

Gmail was created by a software engineer named Paul Bouchet, and it was a 20% project, 20% Project means, Google encouraged its employees to give 20% of their time to side projects, After that Google started providing email service, Microsoft’s Hotmail, has already 30 million users and Yahoo has 12 million users. Gmail was launched in 2004, the day is April Fool’s day, people thought it was a prank, But soon users did indeed have mail, and these also provided email services for free.

Gmail. I haven’t played well since the beginning of the competition, until 2012, and now it’s very innovative, getting even more advanced. Gmail is offering, email search and 1 GB of storage, many more features have been introduced, it is becoming the leading service provider, Google’s G Suite, derived from a small experiment to Gmail, is called Google Workspace. Today Google’s Gmail has more than 1.5 billion active users.

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