McDonald’s Success Story | Ray Kroc Biography

Today we are going to talk about McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast food company, whose stores are spread across more than 100 countries around the world. This company sells more than 10 million burgers every day. Friends, in today’s time, the profit of the company is estimated to be in trillions of rupees.

Starting of McDonald’s

You will be surprised to know that such a big company started from a small restaurant in the US state of California. Which was started in 1940 by two brothers named Richard and Morris McDonald. But the entire credit for McDonald’s success goes to Ray Kroc. Who joined this company in 1955 and after joining took the company to the top.
Ray Kroc was born on 5 October 1902 in Oak Park, Illinois, USA. During World War I, Kroc served as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross. But it was only after the end of the world war that he had to leave his job as a driver and then he started selling paper glasses. After working in sales for a few years, Kroc also worked as a piano player at a local radio station, spending nearly 25 years of his life doing a variety of jobs.

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After World War II ended, Kroc began selling milkshake machines to restaurants. After selling the machines for a few years, he analyzed his sales and noticed that a restaurant in California bought most 8 of his machines. Kroc was very impressed with that restaurant. They came to California to see him. Where he noticed that despite being a small restaurant, there is a long line of customers here. Kroc went on to sell his milkshake machine to several restaurants in the United States. But he had never seen such a crowd. Kroc asked a person standing in line what was so special about this restaurant and why it was so crowded. The man said that here you will get the best burger for only 15 cents and you will not have to spend much time for the delivery of the order.

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McDonald’s success story

Kroc liked the determination of the Macdonald brothers and delved deeper into the restaurant, discovering that two brothers named Richard and Morris Macdonald had started the restaurant together in 1940 and then became a little more successful. But after 8 years in 1948 when they reduced the menu items to a limited number and then concentrated their full attention on those 4-5 items. Since then he started getting successful. They also started using machines to make their burgers and fast food. Due to this people used to save a lot of time. Hence it became the most preferred restaurant there.

After knowing all these things, Kroc met McDonnell Brothers and talked about taking the franchise of that restaurant for himself.
At first, McDonnell Brothers refused, but after Kroc’s persuasion, McDonnell Brothers agreed to Kroc and gave him one of his franchises. Kroc opened his first McDonald’s branch in Des Plaines, Illinois, on April 15, 1955, and within days the restaurant became a huge hit due to his good service, low cost, and fast delivery.

Kroc also got a lot of money. Kroc then talked to the McDonnell brothers about opening more McDonnell’s branches to expand to more cities, but the McDonnell brothers refused, saying they had enough money. They don’t want to work anymore. He said that if you are so sad to increase the chain of restaurants, then buy this company and work according to your wish.

Kroc saw a bright future for himself at McDonnell’s Restaurant. So he saved up for a few years and bought the company in 1961 for $2.7 million. What was it then that due to Kroc’s hard work, dedication, and good service, his restaurant chain spread rapidly.
He franchised McDonald’s in his country as well as in other countries and created a standard by which all restaurants functioned.

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By the time of his death in 1983, Ray Kroc had expanded his company to 31 countries. The first McDonald’s branch in India was opened on 13 October 1996 in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.

Friends, a boy from a normal household has shown by learning from his hard work and failure that nothing is impossible in this world if you have the guts to do something.

Learning from McDonald’s Success Story

So let’s see the three success formulas of Ray Kroc, using which you can take your business to the pinnacle of success:-

It is often seen that businessmen are not able to achieve desired success in business. For this, it is necessary that constant contact with the customers is maintained in the business and changes are made after listening to their suggestions. Sometimes potential opportunities are provided to you by suggestions from customers. You need to take advantage of those opportunities without losing any time.

In the words of Ray Kroc, the two most important requirements for great success are

  1. First of all, you have to be at the right place at the right time.
  2. Second, do something about it.

Ray Kroc was selling paper cups. His clients gave him suggestions twice and he followed them (once to sell milkshake machines and another to open a chain of restaurants). Look at your current customer, do you have any hidden opportunities that you can develop with them or improve your existing sales so that it provides more value to your customers and puts more money in your bank account?

Your success depends on the employee you choose

When your business grows, you need to build a team of good employees. They represent your company, make decisions, and talk to your customers every day. Make sure you have the best team possible in the early stages of your business because good employees have the ability to make a company successful, besides you.

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Kroc was personally involved in the staffing process. After selecting an individual for the McDonald’s team, they assigned a batch of management trainees to each selected individual. It doesn’t matter what their actual job was. Kroc wanted every employee to feel like a valued and important part of the team. He used to ask his employees to give suggestions to improve their work and make the customers happier and more satisfied. After this, the suggestions given by the employees were written on paper and put in the suggestion box. Happy Meal, Maharaja Burger, etc. are the result of these suggestions.

When you hire new employees, make them feel like an important part of your team. Encourage their suggestions to improve the business. Create advanced opportunities for their progress. Appreciate their contribution. However, the hardworking team will give you excellent business results.

Whatever city you do your business in, make sure you participate in building or strengthening that city. When the people there are more successful then you will be equally successful because these people are your customers. Kroc launched several initiatives to build a community around each McDonald’s restaurant. First, he insisted that McDonald’s employees live around the community, creating stronger ties between employees and customers. He hired regional advertising agencies to do the groundwork and organize inaugurations, birthday parties, and community events. Think about your customers and how you can contribute to making their lives easier and better. This is a long-term strategy, but very rewarding. If you win the hearts and minds of your customers, nothing can stop you from reaching the pinnacle of success.