Haldiram’s Inspiring Story | History of Haldiram

A lot of hard work is hidden behind every success story and behind every successful business, there is a special contribution of a particular person. Any big company starts from a very small scale and only one person from a family keeps on giving a special legacy to the generations to come. Such is the story of the Indian famous food brand Haldiram’s.

Haldiram’s Bhujia Sev, Haldiram’s Sohan Papdi, and many more snacks are on our tongues. But it was not such a famous brand from the beginning, but a small shop started by a small businessman in Bikaner, a city in India, which today made a business of crores not only by the hard work of family members. established, but also gave employment to many others. In this article, we are trying to reach you with complete information about the history of Haldiram, its development story, and current status, so that you too can get encouragement from it.

History of Haldiram –

Haldiram’s, which is today a leading sweet and namkeen manufacturer, is mainly established in Nagpur. Today Haldiram’s is a manufacturer and seller of more than 100 products, but its story begins in the year 1937, before Indian independence, at this time a man named Gangavishan Agarwal started a breakfast shop in his hometown of Bikaner, Rajasthan. , It was a business of Bhujiyan Sev started by his father Shri Tansukhdas Ji, but its name was created through this small setup of his son Gangavishan Ji. The credit for taking forward this business goes to Rameshwar Ji, younger son of Tansukh Ji, he started a shop in Calcutta and South India by the name of Haldiram Bhujiawala. And this name and shop proved to be an important step in Haldiram’s success story.

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Presently Haldiram’s manufacturing plants are located in Nagpur, Kolkata, Delhi, and Bikaner, etc. In addition, Haldiram has its retail chain stores and several restaurants in Nagpur and Delhi. Apart from India, now the products of this company are also exported to many other countries like the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, the United States of America, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Thailand, etc.
Haldiram had established its first manufacturing plant in Calcutta, after which in the year 1970 another large plant of the company was set up in Delhi. After this, another plant was set up in Delhi, the capital of India, this Haldiram plant established in Delhi in 1990 is also a retail store. In the year 2003, Haldiram’s started the process of making convenient food for its consumers.

According to a report prepared by Trust Research Advisory in 2014, Haldiram was ranked 55th among the most trusted brands in India.
Haldiram’s Products.
There are a total of 400 different variants of Haldiram’s products, thus starting with Bhujian Sev in a small town, it took years for the family to incorporate hundreds of product ranges into their brand, it is not a day’s work. These hundreds of products include namkeens, western snacks, Indian sweets, cookies, papads, and pickles. The company also started production of ready-to-eat food products from the year 1990. Machinery was imported from abroad to make potato products and better products were provided by the company in this area as well.

Haldiram’s controversy –

The company’s bad times came in 2015 when it was banned in the United States by the Department of Food and Drugs due to the high levels of pesticides in its products. Thus the image of the company was tarnished at this time, but later after extensive inspection, the company was given a clean chit by the Government of Maharashtra. For this, various products of the company were tested and it was found that all the products in it are within the limits, which are not harmful to health.

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Haldiram’s Product Marketing –

Haldiram’s is a huge brand in India, it uses only traditional methods for marketing its products. You can easily find Haldiram’s products at various bakeries and retail stores. Apart from this, Haldiram equips itself with modern marketing methods and also makes its products available online. Apart from this, the price of the product of this company is also less than other companies. You can easily see the advertisement of Haldiram through various hoardings, banners, and advertisements. But we can also say for sure that Haldiram is a very big name in modern India, which everyone knows.

Haldiram’s Revenue or Haldiram Valuation –

In the year 2018, Haldiram increased its revenue by 13 percent and this time has crossed the 4000 crore mark. Haldiram Company does its business in three different sectors, which include Haldiram’s Snake and Ethnic Food, Nagpur-based Haldiram’s Food International, and Haldiram’s Bhujia Wala, the revenues of these three sectors are 2136 crores, 1613 crores, and 298 crores respectively. . Thus, these figures show that good Indian food outperforms foreign companies.
Apart from this, according to many other experts, Haldiram’s business in retail business is more than Rs 5000 crore. After so many years of cost service, Haldiram’s has made its stand. When the company started the restaurant, 80 percent of its revenue came from packaged food. But Haldiram has established itself in this field, leaving behind many domestic and foreign companies.
Companies like Haldiram’s are an example for the youth today on how to start and establish themselves. And earlier, even then modern methods of marketing were not available, reaching and reaching people was not easy, but in today’s modern era everything is possible. If youth want, they can establish themselves by doing more hard work in a very short time.

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I hope you like the story of Haldiram. Thanks for reading.