Whatsapp Messenger Success Story

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to share Whatsapp Messenger Success Story which was started by 2 people Jan Koum and Brian Acton in the year 2009. The story of Whatsapp Messenger inspires us that no matter how many failures we have got in life. But those who work hard and try again and again to achieve their goal, definitely get success. What the story shows is that we can do everything we think in this world, nothing is impossible, just if we need hard work and dedication, and passion to do something. Let us now tell you about the success of Whatsapp Messenger and its two founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton.

What is WhatsApp Messenger?

we all know that in today’s time ‘Whatsapp’ has become the biggest and most popular Messenger all over the world, which is found on the mobile of every Android and Apple user, with the help of WhatsApp people who can communicate with each other. You can talk through messages and video calls. You can share your photos and videos.

Story of the founders of WhatsApp Messenger Jan Kuam and Brian Acton

Jan Kaum:

As we told you that Whatsapp Messenger was started by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Jan Koum was born on 24 February 1976 in a small village of Kyiv in Ukraine in a very middle-class Yahudi family. His father worked in a construction company. At that time both the atmosphere and politics of Ukraine were against the Jews. His family could not even get electricity and water facility there. In such a situation, seeing the situation deteriorating, Jan Koum moved to California, America with his mother and grandmother in 1992. After reaching there, he and his family got a two-bedroom apartment with the help of the US government.
After this, her mother started working as a babysitter and cleaners at a shop to run the household. By the age of 18, he had made himself an expert by learning computer networking. He used to buy books from an old bookstore and return them after reading them.
It is said that no one knows what will happen in life, something similar happened in his life when he came to know that his mother had cancer but he continued his hard work without giving up and went to St. Joseph State University, California in computer. Science and technology. Learned mathematics and also began working as a security examiner at Ernst & Young.
During his studies, he got an opportunity to work at Yahoo company as an infrastructure engineer, which was the biggest opportunity of his life. His mother died of cancer in the year 2000, while his father had already died in the year 1997.

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Brian Acton:

Brian Acton was born on 17 February 1972 in Michigan City, USA. He spent all his childhood in Central Florida. He completed his education in computer science at Stanford University in the year 1994. After his education, he got a chance to work as a software engineer at Apple company and Adobe company. After this, in the year 1996, he started working at Yahoo company.

How Jan Koum and Brian Acton met:

Jan Koum and Brian Acton met each other while working at Yahoo, where they became good friends. After working together for about 9 years at Yahoo, the two left their jobs at Yahoo in September 2007 and briefly enjoyed traveling to South America for a full year with the money they had accumulated on the job.
After this, when both of them ran out of money, both of them gave job interviews in Facebook but were rejected. Brian Acton applied for a job at Twitter but was rejected by Twitter. Still, both of them did not give up and decided to do something of their own.
Then came January 2009 when Jan Koum bought an iPhone and found out that Apple’s App Store was also launched a few months ago, he wanted to launch a lot of new apps and that gave him a great idea, why not one such instant messaging app? With the help of this people can communicate any news to each other without any cost, without any joint or interruption. He immediately shared the idea with Brian Acton and another friend, Alex. Brian Acton was initially not happy with Jan Koum’s idea, yet they both worked day and night with their high zeal and intentions.

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The story of Jan Koum and Brian Acton’s journey:

since the launch of WhatsApp Messenger. First, they hired Igor Solomenikov, a Russian iPhone developer from RentAcoder.com because they both knew how to program the backend part of the application. Finally, WhatsApp started but with great difficulties.
Initially, whenever a user used to install Whatsapp, the OTP that the user received after installing it was deducted from Jan Koum’s bank account. The second problem was that the messages could not reach on time due to server issues. Due to all these troubles, Jan Koum started thinking about closing the project and taking up a job, but then with the persuasion of his partner Brian Acton, he started developing the second version better without any flaws, For this, he joined Yahoo company. Receive an investment of $250,000 from old friends. Finally, after several months of beta testing, WhatsApp Messenger 2.0 was launched on the Apple Store in August 2009 and the Google Play Store in August 2010. Eventually, their hard work paid off and as of February 2013, it had 200 million active users worldwide. And by the beginning of the year 2014, there were more than 600 million users all over the world. The company which started with 2 people had a staff of 55 people including 32 engineers in the year 2014.
WhatsApp Messenger started becoming so popular that Facebook started having a lot of trouble with it and finally Facebook had to buy WhatsApp Messenger for $ 19.6 billion, which is more than one lakh crore rupees in Indian rupees, which is still in the world today. Considered a huge tech deal. It was the same Facebook that refused him the job. Today both of them are big shareholders of Facebook. Today, about 1 billion people use WhatsApp Messenger every day. Every day 5 billion messages are shared and 4.5 billion photos are shared and one billion videos are shared. Neither of them had dreamed that the same company would one day buy any of their apps in the company they wanted to work for. All this was made possible by the power to think of something new, the passion to accomplish it, and the power to dream to achieve it in life. Overall, never give up, you will achieve the goal one day or the other.
Recently there was a controversy regarding WhatsApp privacy call, in which Elon Musk also tweeted usage hints,
but I think it is not possible to quit WhatsApp now, what is the strong reason behind it cannot be boycotted, you can use telegram and signal but it is practically impossible, you can install a signal Asking your friends and family won’t do you too you are using WhatsApp, the network effect you know, when too many users use the same product, even Facebook knows this thing, That’s why they are playing with our privacy, and many of us may have accepted the privacy rules.

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I hope you like this story of WhatsApp, Thanks for reading.