Bisleri Success Story

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about a product that comes easily into every person’s mouth, its name is Bisleri. The history of Bisleri is quite strange, India’s first water bottle-selling company, started selling purified water. But it became the trend of bisleri soda among people because initially, bisleri was not much available in the market with pure water, then Parle company bought bisleri, there was a reason for people to buy bisleri byParle. Bisleri Soda is trending, but friends, today Parle is successfully selling Bisleri water of this brand. Friends were shocked to hear this strange puzzle, today we will know how the Bisleri brand has become India’s number 1 packaging water, so let’s know the story of Bisleri.

Today Bisleri has a 40% stake in the packaging water industry worth about Rs 7000 crore sold in India. The Bisleri Water Company was first started by an Italian businessman Signor Fales Bisleri. Signor Fales Bisleri was a businessman, inventor, and chemist. Bisleri was a company that manufactured drugs for the treatment of malaria, and Bisleri had a branch in India to sell the same drug, as well as its own land in cities other than Mumbai. Dr. Rogis was the company’s legal advisor in India as well as a great friend of the Bisleri family.

Seeing the increasing demand for business in India, Dr. Rogis wanted to do something different, then he thought that his Bisleri concept business can be very successful in India as well, and then he convinced Khusru Santook to move forward with him in this business took. Khusru Santook established the Bisleri Water Plant in the year 1965 in Thane, Mumbai in India. When this work was started people thought what kind of business is this company, isn’t the company crazy? At that time, the price of a rupee was very high in India, but the quality of water available in Mumbai was very poor, then Dr. Roses, the owner of Bisleri, felt that his business could work. At the beginning of Bisleri in India, two products were launched in front of the people, the first was Bisleri Water and the second was Bisleri Soda. Bisleri was initially known for soda more than water and then they did not get much success in selling Bisleri water, because of this Khusrau Santook did not want to continue these brands, Thums Up, Coke, Sprite, and Limca market at the same time In 1950, Parle, a soft drink company and already having a strong position in the market, was preparing to sell soft drinks in the market with its product.

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Chauhan Bhai of Parle Company was about to meet Khusru Santook and when he came to know that Khusru Santook wanted to sell this company for some reason and then instead of selling Parle Soda, Parle bought Bisleri Company and sold Bisleri Brand Soda. Decided to sell and then in 1969, Parle bought Bisleri India Limited for just Rs 4 lakh, even though the amount of Rs 4 lakh was huge at that time, this amount was not so big for Parle company and this amount was used was done to buy Bisleri. , Khusru Santook regretted this decision for the rest of his life, but friends on the other hand when Parle bought Bisleri to sell Bisleri Soda in the market, a sample of Bisleri water was introduced in the market.

Then Parle did research and found that due to the lack of purity of water in public places, railway stations and other places of India people used to drink plain soda there, and then Parle company felt that if there is clean water for these people. If water is available then their Bisleri water business can go ahead and for that, the biggest task was to make this water available everywhere. for this, it was necessary to have the biggest scale and distributor so that if any person wants anywhere then he can get clean drinking water. For this Bisleri water can be found. Despite having thousands of water packaging companies in the market today, Bisleri’s share is 40 percent. Bisleri, which initially came in a glass bottle, later came in containers made of non-retainable PVC.

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Official Website of Bisleri

Bisleri’s success is at its peak and today there are more than 1.5 lakh dealers and more than 50 Bisleri bottling plants in the country and the world,

so friends, how did you like this successful journey of Bisleri? Do let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading.