Angry Birds Success Story | Rovio Entertainment startup story

Rovio Entertainment was on the verge of closure in 2009. The company had reduced the number of employees from 50 to 12 and many of the gaming apps made by the company flopped. Then in one last attempt, Angry Birds made the company famous overnight.
Angry Birds game was downloaded by so many times in just 3 days that it became the number one downloading game app. Earlier it was at number 600 on the list of most downloaded games.

Founders of Angry Birds

In 2003 Niklas Hed won a university competition to create a multiplayer mobile game with his friend when he was only 29 years old. Since then, he was planning to open a gaming company. He shared the idea with his cousin Mikae Heid. Without waiting much longer, Niklas formed the company RELUDE in 2004, which became Rovio in 2005, and his brother Mikae joined the company as its chief executive. The work started but there was a shortage of money, then Mikae got help from his father. Mike’s father was a successful entrepreneur. Niklas and Mikke persuade them to invest 1 million euros in their start-up. Work began, but Mikae and his father disagreed with the company’s direction. There was some turmoil in Mika’s personal life so after 1 year Mika left the company.

Thereafter the company continued to decline but Niklas persevered. The company was also developing games for companies such as EA and RealNetworks but still did not find any great success. Niklas had no marketing plan for his products and even his distribution was weak. In 2006, with the company on the verge of bankruptcy, Niklas reduced the workforce to 12 to reduce costs. Finland was then in an era of physical gaming with the power of the real world. Didn’t like the cartoon-like explosions at all. Online games were becoming very popular, but no one was making simple mobile games, during which time Steve Jobs launched the iPhone.

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While Niklas brought Mikae back into the company, together they planned to digest the company and were constantly eyeing bigger developers. His company did not have the ability to leave all the work and take a big risk. The two were spending the rest of their time developing mobile games for the iPhone. Mikae I budgeted 25,000 Euros for this project and when the project was finally completed, Angry Birds cost 4 times more than that. Rovio’s chief designer created hundreds of characters for the new project this year, finally in March 2009 he created Angry Nose Bird, something special about this bird that surprised everyone.

Making of an Angry Bird

When Niklas first saw Angry Birds, he wished he had to play the game. They launched this game during the holidays of December 2009. Nothing happened in the first 3 months. It seemed that this is another flop product of the company. Then in February 2010, Apple agreed to bring the game to the front page of its Appstore and Angry Birds became so popular that it became as popular as the cartoon character Mickey Mouse. After Rovio received $42 million in funding, Mikae and Niklas used them to find new markets and establish Angry Birds as a brand. The company sells many things under the name of Angry Birds.

Official website of Rovio Entertainment

Official website of Angry Birds

The company also publishes stories, comics, activities, and learning books. Recently a film of Angry Birds was also launched. Today, apart from Finland, this company has offices in China, Sweden, the USA, the UK, Japan, and many more countries

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