Success Story of Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder of Ola Cabs

Hello friends, Today we are going to tell you all about India’s youngest entrepreneur Bhavish Agarwal, whose unique thinking not only made him a millionaire but also solved a major problem of travel for millions of people. IIT pass out Bhavish from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and used to work at Microsoft company. But what was the big reason, why he said goodbye to Microsoft company and set up his own company worth crores?

Let’s know about Bhavish Aggarwal, the founder of Ola Cab Company, whose cab service is in more than 70 cities, but he has not bought any car for himself.

Bhavish Agarwal was born on 25 August 1985 in Ludhiana city of Punjab, Mr. Naresh Kumar Agarwal is his father and Mrs. Usha Agarwal is his mother. Bhavish got a Tech Engineering degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology and started working at Microsoft company. During the research, he also received two patents for this, but he was able to secure his 9 to 5 job. He was not happy at all as he had a passion to work for himself. He wanted to be an Entrepreneur but a secure job was stopping him. “We were looking for alternatives that something should be done about the problems of society in the future”. Bhavish Said.

From where the idea came to starting a cab company Ola

Bhavish himself tells that his company Ola was started from a trip that he himself had. Whose experience was very bad. Once he went to Bangalore and Booked a car to go to Bandipur, whose service was very bad. When he started his journey from Bangalore to Bandipur, midway the driver started asking him for money and the behavior of the driver, his way of talking was also not good. He was Fed up with his bad behavior, he stopped the car on the way. Had to get down and had to cover the rest of the journey by bus. When he was on the bus and planning their onward journey, he kept thinking again and again about why this had happened to him! And he was thinking this, again and again, also he was thinking that there must be many people who are not getting good car service and something similar must be happening to them, felt that other customers like him Must be looking for a good cab service which can provide them quality service as most of the passenger’s experience is very bad thinking that they will make something big in this sector they thought of starting Ola Cab Company.

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What is Special About Ola

Bhavish had understood during the journey that this company can be run on a large scale only by providing good service at a low cost, so he thought of something that would attract people. Ola offers its best service at the rate of Rs 10 to Rs 17 per kilometer and today 1.50 lakh people are taking advantage of their service daily in more than 70 cities.

Bhavish Agarwal and his wife Rajlakshmi Agarwal have decided that they will never buy their own car and will always use the Ola service. A person becomes successful only by thinking differently, Bhavish himself is a living example of this. Since Bhavish was already from the IT field, he designed his business model in such a way that the customer need not come to his office to book the car or make the payment. Although this did not happen in the beginning. The combination of cab service and technology was great as the app was made in such a way that customers can get all the information at their convenience. they can book online, check ratings and reviews and book through their phones can do. You can check the complete quality.

Like Bhavish, his offbeat friend Ankit Bhati joined the company in November 2010. He also did his IIT and M.Tech degrees from the same college. Together they thought of running the company and moving forward.

How it all Started after so many distractions

The startup of any big company starts from small. It is natural to make fun of friends when thinking of starting a company but when parents also don’t understand your work, There’s a problem. Yes, but when work starts increasing and money starts coming in, then everyone’s mind becomes clear. Initially, the parents thought that leaving so much education and a job, someone is thinking of becoming a travel agent, but at that time it is difficult to convince them because doing something different, the family members can think you are crazy. And it’s not his fault, but as the money started coming in, they started believing in Bhavish’s startup and started feeling that the boy would definitely do something big in the future.

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Ola Success Story | Ola Co-Founder Bhavish Aggarwal Biography | Ola Cabs

Today every customer needs good service, even if he spends less money but still he wants better service with less money. He understood from the service position how important is customer satisfaction, for this, he trained all the drivers in customer service and kept only those drivers whose record is clean. Today India’s largest company Ola has become the fastest-growing cab and auto-booking service provider in the country. Ola’s smartphone app is the most used app for cab booking. When you look at the level of business, you will come to know that Ola has crossed the one billion Indian rupee mark in just three years and as of today, this company has made its mark in more than 100 cities.

Official website of Ola Cabs

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For example, Ola Prime (Toyota Innova) for luxury travel, Etios for economical female passengers, Ola Pink for a female driver, Ola Mini (Tata Indica) for travel, and the cheapest Ola Auto and Ola for casual travel. Sedan (Toyota). in all these trains today 1.50 lakh people use all these to travel at the rate of 10 to 17 rupees per kilometer per day with the help of ola.

Bhavish Aggarwal says that “everyone dreams, but only a few people are ready to take risks. There are some who listen to everyone, but they are of the mind.”

So, Friends, this is the story of Ola cabs, Do let me know your views in the comments section, Thanks for reading.