Tom And Jerry’s Success Story

Since childhood, we all have been watching the cartoon show Tom and Jerry and the cartoon show Tom and Jerry is still in our hearts. So today we will talk about Tom and Jerry who helped us to make our childhood special.

The friendship and enmity of Tom and Jerry still remind us all today. We all have seen tom and jerry in childhood and this cartoon is still the favorite cartoon show of many people but have you ever wondered who was the creator of this tom and jerry? Who are the people who made our childhood so much fun by performing Tom and Jerry in front of us, they were William Hanna and Joseph Barbara.

Tom and Jerry is one of the world’s earliest cartoon series, which has been ruling our hearts for almost 79 years. The “Tom and Jerry” cartoon series was created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. People started liking this cartoon series from the very beginning. In this cartoon series, two characters have made their place in our hearts and that is Tom who is a cat and the other is Jerry who is a little mouse the rivalry between these two in this cartoon series is very different, fantastic, and funny.

Tom and Jerry story

In this cartoon, Jerry plays a clever mouse that Tom wants to catch but Jerry never touches his hands and somehow they run away. Although Tom and Jerry are enemies of each other in this show, their friendship in this show is also not less than anyone. We all see their friendship when one of them is in danger and the other saves his life. No matter how much enmity there may be, in the end, friendship is only between two enemies. One amazing thing about this Tom and Jerry cartoon show is that both the characters of this show have achieved so much success without speaking.

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How William Hanna and Joseph Barbera Created Tom and Jerry

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera are credited with creating Tom and Jerry, and both worked in the Rudolph Ising unit of MGM Cartoons in the 1930s, and at that time many of MGM’s cartoons had spread poorly and the company’s financial situation was worse. But then MGM cartoon storytellers William Hanna and Joseph Barbera were given the responsibility to take their company forward, and in 1940 they together created a mouse and cat cartoon show. Which people liked very much.

After running this show for a year, people thought that this show of Mouse and Cat would not last long but it was their fault because then this show showed what is its real importance when this show started in 1941. an Oscar. Seeing the success of the show, MGM’s owners asked William Hannah and Joseph Barbera to work on a new animation series based on the mouse and cat, and they both adapted Tom and Jerry characters for the series. Then began production of Tom and Jerry in 1941.

चूहे और बिल्ली के इस शो ने हमारे बचपन को और भी रोमांचक बनाया | Tom and Jerry Show Success Story in Hindi

On May 15, 1957, MGM closed its animation studio, then William Hanna and Joseph Barbera created their own studio, in which we got the opportunity to see many more cartoons. The responsibility of taking this show forward was given to many different production houses, but no one like William Hanna and Joseph Barbera was able to make the show a success, so in 1975 William Hanna and Joseph Barbera were again in this role. Came to the cartoon series. was called to work. Tom and Jerry’s cartoon shows also changed a lot and they were liked by the audience. This Tom and Jerry cartoon series has so far been nominated for 30 Academy Awards, 7 of which have been won by the “Tom and Jerry” cartoon show. This hostile cartoon show of mouse and cat is known to the whole world as “Tom and Jerry” and today even after so many years this show is as popular among people as it used to be and mouse and cat. No one thought this story would be so exciting.

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So friends this is the story about our favorite cartoon Tom and jerry. How you like this series do let us know in the comments, thanks for reading.